WoW: WotLK Classic – who rocks, who sucks? Private server lessons

WoW Dragonflight: Titan Guardian

WoW Classic and TBC Classic have impressively shown in recent years that the community of the classic WoW versions does not only consist of nostalgics who want to comfortably enjoy the old content. On the contrary, there are many players and guilds who want to really dominate the content that is already known – with optimal skills, raid setups and all available buff options. In progress, but also in speed runs and for personal logs. Even areas like farming experience points or gold are designed for maximum efficiency.

With WotLK Classic coming sometime in the coming months, the endgame meta will noticeably change again. One change, for example, is that the raid instances in Northrend are available to all 10 and 25 raids. Then there were umpteen class and system adjustments with the pre-patch and all subsequent WotLK updates. Finally, a new class makes its debut, the Death Knight, showing the tank and DpS competition from day one where the Lich King has the curls. The private server scene has shown us for years how all of these things actually affect the PvE meta.

WoW | Wrath of the Lich King Classic is coming – that’s changing!

WotLK Classic: Who does the most damage?

In Classic and TBC Classic there were and are some specializations that are so strong that raid managers want to pack several of them if possible. the Logs from the Sunwell Plateau impressively show, among other things, that Destruction Warlocks, Beastmastery Hunters and Fury Warriors currently dominate. Also, you need multiple shamans for the rage/heroism rotation. Many of the raid setups are built accordingly.

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