Buy the Apple iPhone 13 with a top rate at MediaMarkt for the best price

iPhone 13

At MediaMarkt you can buy the Apple iPhone 13 smartphone with a Telekom contract at a particularly low price and secure a switching bonus.

If you are looking for a new high-end mobile phone and would like an interesting contract for it, you can now benefit from an offer from MediaMarkt. Here you can get the Apple iPhone 13 together with the green LTE contract at the current best price. We present the contract with all costs in detail.

Buy an iPhone 13 with a contract at MediaMarkt

Unfortunately, we do not know how long the offer is valid.

Buy Apple iPhone 13 with green LTE tariff with contract

This is how much the mobile phone costs you with the contract:

  • One-time device price: 79€
  • One-time connection price: €39.99
  • Monthly basic price: 24x €36.99
  • Credit change bonus: 50€
  • Shipping costs: 0€

In total, the mobile phone with a two-year contract will cost you €956.76. The current best price for the Apple iPhone 13 is €799. So you can count around 158€ for the tariff. That corresponds to a price of €6.58 per month for the green LTE tariff: a best-price offer. You get a very good price-performance ratio for this smartphone and the contract.

This is what you get with the green LTE tariff:

  • 20 GB data volume in the Telekom network (with up to 25 Mbit/s)
  • FLAT telephony and SMS in all German networks
  • freenet hotspot flat

How to get the Switch Bonus: To get the €50 bonus for the change, you have to send an SMS with the keyword bonus to 22234 after you have received your mobile phone and contract.

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Buy an iPhone 13 with a contract at MediaMarkt

Samsung Galaxy S22 with contract on sale

In addition to the iPhone 13, you can currently buy the Samsung Galaxy S22 in the Enterprise Edition at MediaMarkt at a particularly reasonable price. You get this with the O2 Grow tariff. The contract offers you 40 GB data volume with up to 300 Mbit/s. The data volume is automatically increased by 10 GB every 12 months.

The one-time device price is only €29 and the contract only costs you €29.99 per month. Overall, the tariff will cost you around €70 over the two years if you deduct the current best price for the cell phone (€670) from the total price. This is an outstanding offer.

Buy Samsung Galaxy S22 with contract

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