Destiny 2 lives on its random loot – does crafting destroy the best part of the shooter?

Destiny 2 lives on its random loot - does crafting destroy the best part of the shooter?

In Destiny 2, players since Witch Queen the chance to forge their own godrolls. With that, the gambling finally stops with some good weapons. But doesn’t the forge feature automatically destroy the most important feature of the loot shooter? We wanted to know exactly.

What sets Destiny 1 & 2 apart? The loot shooter from Bungie is all about loot. Items that you can get randomly from activities and don’t know what perks or stats you can expect beforehand. Everything is based on the RNG system. With RNG, gamers mean a random principle that you cannot influence.

Either you play a mission and get an Exo or you run the mission 20 times and don’t even get a blue engram in extreme cases. Destiny 1 grew up with this system. This makes weapons and armor look unique and drive players to sink hours into the space shooter.

After the release of Witch Queen, however, the guardians are no longer so dependent on the RNG god, but on their diligence. Given enough time, you can forge your own godroll in a more focused and direct way than farming activities.

That sounds like a cool thing and even heavenly for players in a losing streak, but doesn’t this feature destroy Destiny’s most important feature?

Two worlds meet

Will weapon crafting destroy Destiny 2? The question cannot be answered so generally. Basically, weapon crafting is a good thing as long as Bungie refines and uses it properly.

A large part of the random-generated principle is lost in any case, as some good weapons can be forged to your requirements. They no longer need to be farmed for hours in one activity.

Wardens spend hours forging their weapon.

But that’s not too bad, because Bungie differentiates which weapons have to be farmed and which can be put together in the forge.

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What can you really forge? This mainly affects seasonal weapons or guns that you can find in the new raid or dungeon. You can even craft an exotic SMG on the Enclave workbench, but not weapons from older raids or dungeons.

According to Bungie, the list will grow steadily after Witch Queen. So it could be that other well-known guns will find their place in your blueprint collection in the future.

Should the forge be removed? Definitely not. Bungie has decided which weapons can and cannot be forged. Through this implementation, the developers have provided you with a safer but harder source to craft your godroll.

Guardians who forge their godroll also sink hours into unlocking their weapon schematics and crafting to their liking. Players do not take any shortcuts, but only the direct but longer way to hold their dream gun in their hands.

The YouTuber Aztecross also thinks on this topic that both features can continue to exist together in harmony in Destiny 2. It’s up to Bungie how efficiently they celebrate and improve the forge and what weapons can and cannot be forged.

The YouTuber says that there are weapons that are better farmed than forged and vice versa. So the new feature of the Witch Queen expansion does not predominate as “The best source”, but only as another little door that Guardians can reliably use.

Bungie may and must keep the line clear as to which weapons are malleable and which are not. Should that limit be exceeded, the Forge could actually destroy Destiny 2’s most important feature.

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What do you think of the forge? Do you like her? Or do you want all weapons to be able to be forged at some point? Let us know what else Bungie needs to change to make forging perfect!