God of War 2 Ragnarök map shows all 9 worlds

We can certainly visit Thor's homeland in God of War 2.

We can certainly visit Thor’s homeland in God of War 2.

Before we wrap up a week packed with great information for God of War fans, we have an interesting discovery for you. It’s about the worlds that we are likely to visit in Kratos and Atreus’ second adventure together. Including the home of the Aesir, Asgard, the home of Freya, Odin and Thor, who play an important role in Ragnarök.

Disclaimer: The article takes up, among other things, story-relevant events from God of War.

Map shows all 9 worlds of God of War

In addition to the release of God of War 2 Ragnarök on November 9, 2022, two Collector’s Editions were also revealed mid-week. Important here is the so-called Jötnar Edition, which contains a map of all nine worlds in addition to Thor’s hammer:

We were already allowed to enter a total of six of these worlds God of War (2018) visit. Underneath of course Midgard (pictured left) as the linchpin of the story, where we meet Jörmungandr, better known as the World Serpent.

Next to alfheim, Helheim, Jotunheim it also went into the fiery Muspelheim (bottom left in the picture) and after Nilfheim (top left in the picture) as a correspondingly frosty antithesis. However, three of the worlds were denied to us: Asgard, Svartalfheim and Vanaheim.

A first look at Asgard

Probably the most important world for the plot is likely to be the home of Thor and the Asen family of gods. On the map you can see Asgard at the very top of the map. Two points are of interest here.

  • The big festival, which represents one of the twelve castles in heaven and which we hope to be able to visit in Ragnarök.
  • The Rainbow Bridge, Bifrost, connecting Asgard and Midgard.
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Does the map show another boss?

Which gods Kratos and Atreus will really mess with in the second part for PS4 and PS5 is of course not yet certain. The only thing that is clear is that Freya and Thor are not really on good terms with the Spartan. Somehow understandable after the death of Baldur. A sinister wolf has also appeared in the new trailer, but it could also be a friend:

God of War Ragnarok - Will we see Fenrir in the new trailer?


God of War Ragnarok – Will we see Fenrir in the new trailer?

An opponent might get loud GamesRadar+ hidden on the map, in the midst of fiery Muspelheim. If you take a closer look at the world above, there is a person next to the smaller right volcano who is speculated to be the fire giant, ruler of Muspelheim and enemy of the Aesir sure could act.

Have you discovered Nidhöggr? At the bottom right, clutching a kind of compass, the dragon Nidhöggr is probably hiding. But since, according to Norse mythology, he only torments the dead, Kratos is unlikely to mess with him. Unless… but no, surely YOU Santa Monica Studio would never do that. OR!?

The great thing is that the map at least gives us a small taste of what we can expect in the game in November. By the way, if you want to read the runic text of the card, This way.

Have you discovered one or the other secret on the map? If so, please let us know in the comments.

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