I have looked for a small, cheap and good camera 2022 Android. It has been impossible to find


My colleague Javier Lacort wrote in 2020 a small ode to small phones. By then they were already disappearing, although there seemed to be some redoubts left if we searched the deepest part of the manufacturers’ catalogue. In 2022, they seem to have died altogether.

I have searched for an Android from 2022 that was small with an affordable and balanced price. By small I mean less than 6 inches (this being already a considerable size). It is still striking how, with phone launches absolutely every month, there is not a single proposal.

The desert of small phones

In 2022, not a single Android has been released below 6 inches. The only one that has done so has been Apple, with the iPhone SE (2022). It has an old-fashioned design, almost obsolete hardware in some sections, but it’s literally the only phone under five inches with decent specs.

It is no longer just difficult to find a small mobile. It is impossible for them to go below 6 inches

The closest thing comes from Sony, with the Sony Xperia 10 IV of “only” 6 inches and 153 centimeters high, and with the Sony Xperia 10 III Lite, also 6 inches and almost the same dimensions. The first is a mid-range that is worth 500 euros and the second is not even sold in Spain. What a landscape.

Google was a redoubt in 2020 of small mobiles, with the Pixel 4a of 5.8 inches and 14 centimeters high. The 6a leaves at 6.1 and grows considerably. Curiously, those 6.1 inches are considered “little” in alternatives such as the Samsung Galaxy S22, with 14.4 centimeters high (compact and “small” in these times).

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Manufacturers find it easier to introduce hardware on larger platforms, consumers don’t seem to care anymore. Good proof of this the failure in sales of the iPhone 13 Minirepresentative data as the iPhone is one of the best-selling mobile phones in the world. Such has been the failure that, according to rumors, Apple is going to end this familywho has only had two years of life.