Meow and sleep: For the platinum in Stray you have to become a cat

The platinum in stray would be an easy task for cat fans.

The platinum in stray would be an easy task for cat fans.

The action-adventure Stray will be released in just a few days and should be the PS5 highlight in July for cat fans. In the game, you control a stray meower through a cyberpunk world inhabited by robots, allowing you to do all sorts of things that cats do: sleep, meow, jump around, scratch and… play mahjong!?

At least that’s what the trophy list emerging now on the side exophase has been published. For platinum hunters, the whole thing looks like an extremely feasible and quite fun task. What you have to do exactly, we want to list you here.

The path to platinum in Stray

On the way to platinum you have to total 24 trophies dust off or master tasks in the game (8x bronze, 9 silver and 7x gold).


  • dunk the basketball
  • die 9 times
  • scratch the vinyl in the club
  • fall into town
  • B-12 translates a robot
  • carry the paper bag
  • Play mahjong with the robots
  • watch all TV channels


  • 100x meow
  • Jump 500 times
  • sleep for over an hour
  • walk through Midtown without being spotted by the Sentinels
  • meet B-12
  • go to jail
  • bring all music notes to Morusque
  • sniff 5 robots
  • scratch each chapter


  • complete the first Zurk pursuit without getting caught
  • get through the sewer without killing Zurks
  • complete the game in under 2 hours
  • Reach Midtown
  • complete the game
  • find all B-12 memories
  • collect all badges

Our preview of Stray

Our video preview of the action-adventure Stray


Our video preview of the action-adventure Stray

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Before it starts on July 19th on PS5 and PC, we were able to take a closer look at the action-adventure. You can find out our impressions either in the video above or in our detailed preview of the cat game.

Info for everyone with PS Plus Extra/Premium: According to Sony, the game will appear in the service right after the release.

Are you already excited for Stray and will you be tackling platinum on PS5?