WoW: Rextroy’s one-shot with 2.5 million points of damage – thank the frog!

The first Horde Alliance team in the WoW universe... that wasn't Thrall and Jaina (1)

from Matthias Brueckle
Rextroy slays innocent frogs to wreak havoc on the Horde ranks. This is made possible by a Pact Legendary for Venthyr that was previously bugged. By fixing the bug, one-shots with 2.5 million points of damage are now possible!

Rextroy, the avid skill combo hobbyist, has delivered another feat of overkill in WoW. Because with the help of a hunter legendary in combination with a poor frog, even a faction boss can be done in seconds. How does he do that? With 2.5 million points of damage in one shot – that’s a lot more blatant than the 300k combo that we showed you before.