And again leaked gameplay for Skate 4 has appeared

Skate 4: EA announces beta program and shows first gameplay scenes (1)

It looks like it’s about to have another leak Skate 4 given. It was only earlier this year that we reported that early footage from the game had made its way onto the internet. Since has Electronic Arts released a short clip of gameplay footage to promote their own playtests. Several clips have now been shared on Reddit, which are supposed to show different scenes from the game.

What does the leak show?

In addition to normal skateboard gameplay, the possible beginning of the game in “Fun City” is demonstrated in the leak. This is the one that is often assumed multiplayer world, in which players can skate and build parks together. The extended Off-board controlsi.e. the possibilities to steer the skater through the world with daring maneuvers without a board, is also staged in the leaked material.

In addition, you can choose between the “Classic” control series and the “Simplified“Control catches the eye. Both graphically and playfully, the material shown is very reminiscent of the short trailer that EA itself recently showed. Accordingly, it would be assumed that these are recordings from similar times in the development of the skateboard game In any case, the feedback on the scenes shown has been mostly positive so far.