Beware, Alan Wake 2’s story is said to be “a monster” already

Beware, Alan Wake 2's story is said to be "a monster" already

Alan Wake 2’s senior writer and creative director describes the game’s storyline as “monsters.” Remedy, the studio behind the Alan Wake sequel, has also confirmed that it is collaborating with multiple actors.

The strings fly faster than the chords on a guitar

Sam Lake revealed that Alan Wake 2’s story has more sides than ever before. It’s a “monster,” as Lake described it. That at least suggests an ambitious project with a complex history.

In the past, Lake has said that Remedy “takes much further into the horror aspect” with Alan Wake 2 – so comparing the many sides to a monster really fits the upcoming sequel on several levels.

More news about Alan Wake 2:

“Shooting is underway with our top-notch cast,” Lake writes, adding, “After a short summer break in this dark place called the Writers’ Room, we’ll be writing more.”

Clay Murphy, the studio’s lead writer, who can also be seen in the Sam Lake picture, said jokingly that the authors used “the keytar method of writing”. With this he alludes to the picture itself, in which the two authors hold their keyboards like guitars. Just keytar.

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