Diablo Immortal in the test: We speak plain language about the Pay2-Win game

Diablo Immortal: Live Simulate How Expensive A 5-Star Gem Drop Would Be!  (1)

Another enemy is catapulted across the room by a punch from my Monk. Bright effects flash through the dark dungeon, my character scurries like a Tasmanian devil through the hordes of monsters, I’m just inspired by a shrine bonus that increases my attack speed. My eyes are dry, my neck is also quite stiff and I still want to keep staring spellbound at the large display with the game that is intended for small monitors: Diablo Immortal is here and I can not only play it on my smartphone, but also on my PC – like Diablo 3 once did. And also Diablo 4 in the future. You probably wouldn’t have thought of that in 2018, when it was said “Don’t you have cell phones?” How strong the monetization would be, that one could not have imagined either. But over the next few pages, I’ll not only look at whether Diablo Immortal is the vicious Pay2Win hell that many think it is, but also whether it’s a fun action RPG. Both on PC, tablet and smartphone.