Game of Thrones: George RR Martin provides update on Winds of Winter

Game of Thrones writer: Lord of the Rings series is a 'strange deal'

When 2019 was the final season of game of Thrones appeared and the fantasy epic came to an end, not everyone was happy with the end of the series. George RR Martin On the other hand, the author of the accompanying books, which appeared under the name “A Song of Ice and Fire”, could not understand the hatred for the ending, even if he had his own problems with the course of the series.

Dissatisfied fans can at least rely on the continuation of the books be happy, because as Martin already announced, the ending will be very different from that of the series. But it will take a lot of patience until that happens: The fifth volume of the English books was published in 2011 and the next part, the THey Winds of Winter is called, so far there is no trace.

George RR Martin on changes in The Winds of Winter

When Martin revealed in 2020 that fans might be able to expect the novel in 2021, most were probably realistic enough not to get their hopes up. Because even if Martin works diligently on Winds of Winter, the book still seems to be a long way off.

In order to shorten the waiting time for fans at least a bit, the writer now delivered a new update up to Winds of Winter his personal blog. He’s been there in the past Story Details like the strands of Arya or Bran entered. This time he remains more general, but still has some interesting information ready:

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“My stories grow and develop and change as I write them. I know pretty much where I want to go, sure…the final stops, the big set pieces, they’ve been in my head for years and in the case of Ice Song and fire even for decades. But the devil is in the details, and sometimes the ground beneath my feet changes as the words spill out.”

“As most of you know, I don’t like to give detailed updates on Winds [of Winter]. I’m working on it, I’ve been working on it, I’ll keep working on it. (Yes, I’m working on other things too). I love nothing more than surprising my readers with twists and turns they didn’t see coming, and I risk losing those moments by going into too much detail. Spoilers, you know that. Even saying I’m working on a chapter on Tyrion, like I did last week, the fact that Tyrion isn’t dead gives it away.”

“Reading excerpts of chapters at conventions or publishing them online, which I’ve been doing for years, tells even more. I actually really enjoyed it until the day I realized I could read the first few hundred pages of Winds [of Winter] read or posted. If I had continued like this, I think half of the book would be out there now.”

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