GTA Online: Opressor MK II is getting nerfed – fans are celebrating the upcoming update

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Griefers are an annoying problem in GTA Online. Now developer Rockstar Games is finally taking action: the Oppressor MK II will be nerfed in the summer update.

New York – It is probably the most hated vehicle in all of GTA Online: the Oppressor MK II. The flying motorcycle has probably made many a fan mad at the game. Most of the time, the Oppressor MK II is used by griefers – players who kill other players for fun and frolics. But that could finally come to an end. Rockstar Games has announced that they finally want to nerf the Griefer vehicle.

GTA Online: Summer Update brings big changes – fans are happy about Griefer nerf

This is nerfed: The Oppressor MK II is the best choice for griefers and with good reason. The hover motorcycle can be equipped with missiles, which have spoiled the fun of GTA Online for many players. Griefers often murder their victims for no apparent reason. Sometimes they also attack when you are in the process of transporting important goods. They are then of course lost – to the chagrin of the innocent victims.

GTA Online: Summer Update finally nerfs years of fan hatred

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If you want to defend yourself against the Oppressor MK II, it’s not that easy either. The flying motorcycles are agile and can be equipped with strong defensive functions. For several years now, the Oppressor MK II has been criticized by “GTA Online” players. Apparently, the developer from New York has finally heard them, because the Griefer motorcycle is being nerfed.

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Rockstar Games announced on July 7th that the following things will be adjusted for the Oppressor MK II in GTA Online:

  • Reducing the effectiveness of homing missiles
  • Reducing the effectiveness of defense functions

Fans are excited about the customization. As _NotJeffrey_ writes on Twitter: “It’s the best change ever [Rockstar Games] power.” LiarHDYT also agrees: “Finally a rock star. You finally listened to the community. Finally the MK2 gets a nerf.

Besides the Oppressor MK II customization, there are many other things that have been patched. However, it is still unclear whether fans can really look forward to Liberty City for the summer update in GTA Online. Fans of the main series are all the happier for this: according to an insider, the release of GTA 6 should be at the end of 2023.

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