[PLUS] Building proposal: high-end gaming PC with RTX 3080 & Co.

[PLUS]  Building Suggestion: Upper Class (2)

More power: upper class

Although the absolute top performance may be reserved for the still significantly more expensive high-end, the percentage difference is restrained and should only play a role in professional applications, if at all. With graphics cards such as the Geforce RTX 3080 or the Radeon RX 6800 XT and processors such as the Intel Core i7-12700K or AMD Ryzen 5900X, all scenarios are covered with extremely high performance, from professional video editing to demanding gaming areas. Thanks to FSR and DLSS upscaling, ray tracing scenarios with 4K monitors are also no problem; On the other hand, if you prefer to gamble in the three-digit fps range on 4K, you can rely on classic rasterizing without ray tracing. The only drawback apart from the price of the components is the relatively high power consumption, which has been a trend in graphics cards and processors for several years almost consistently.

[PLUS] Building Suggestion: Upper Class (2)

Source: PC Games Hardware

Spoiled for choice: more efficient or stronger?

Also or especially in the upper class there is a wide range of decisions. Either you resort to undervolting for more efficiency, lower temperatures, a quieter background noise with minimal performance losses, or you rely on even better performance by overclocking the GPU and CPU. In the best case, both can even be realized simultaneously within limits suitable for everyday use, although that depends on the individual pieces.

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The following topics can be found in the article:

  • Component explanations, including Intel Core i7-12700K and Geforce RTX 3080
  • Assembly instructions with the example components
  • Settings, benchmarks and tuning

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