Pro reveals secret – This is why weapons have less recoil on PC

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Of: Philip Hansen

In Warzone, professionals hit practically every shot, the weapon never seems to warp. A streamer explains why this looks so unfair for gamers on consoles.

Santa Monica, California – Streamers regularly dominate matches in Warzone. Expert JackFrag now explains why viewers always wonder about recoil that seems so weak. He shows detailed settings and explains how unfair this really is compared to PS5 and other consoles. One old issue in particular plays an important role in Activision’s Battle Royale.

Warzone: Streamer answers most common question: “Why don’t you have recoil?”

This streamer explains: JackFrags has been one of the most well-known experts in Call of Duty and other shooters for years. His tips and setups are welcome in the Warzone community. On YouTube, for example, he has 3.87 million subscriptions (as of July 2022).

JackFrags says every stream asks him why he seems to have so little recoil. In his new video, he now explains why streamers make it look so easy in shooters and what the professionals do differently than the viewers.

These are the differences to the viewer: According to JackFrags, the “problem” is that the majority of viewers play on consoles. He and his streamer colleagues like JGOD, on the other hand, are mainly on the PC. And on the PC, the professionals have settings that make the difference in the recoil of the streams and videos. The differences apply to Warzone, but also other CoD parts and even other shooter series like Battlefield.

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Warzone: settings are missing when aiming with controller on consoles © Infinity Ward / Sony / Microsoft

Settings for Warzone on PC are missing on consoles

These settings in Warzone are about: If you click through the Warzone menus on the PC, you will find significantly more options than on the PS5, for example. Especially a few single loads make the big difference:

  • FoW (Field of View) – This is the area of ​​the game that is displayed on your screens. The field of view can be adjusted on the PC.
  • The zoom when you crosshair an enemy is also adjustable coupled with the FoV. Enemies appear either closer or farther away.
  • The graphics settings ensure that the image looks less shaky when shooting on the PC.
  • This setting option for the FoV is completely missing on consoles. Players all have a fixed, mostly smaller field of view than on the PC.
  • The lack of FoV on consoles in Warzone is a contentious issue that has been causing trouble for years. It’s partly due to the fact that many players are on PS4 and Xbox One. The older consoles do not manage the additional performance through a freely selectable FoV.
  • The FoV can be changed freely up to 120 on the PC. On consoles like PS4/PS5 and Xbox the value is capped at 80.
Field of View effect in Call of Duty
Warzone: This is the effect of Field of View © Activision (Montage)

Warzone: How big is the difference between PC and console?

Do streamers have less recoil now? JackFrag clearly says no. Streamers have the same recoil as players on consoles. The setting options on the PC only fool the viewer into thinking that the recoil is less. For comparison, he shoots at walls with different options and indeed: The bullets show the identical recoil. The weapons just feel less kicking, the firing looks smoother on the PC and it also plays more comfortably due to the less wobbling.

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In addition, the pro reveals that he and his streamer colleagues play the best attachments for weapons. This is how they turn horizontal (left-to-right) recoil, which is difficult to control, into vertical (top-to-bottom) recoil. According to JackFrag, however, the AimAssist on the controller is quite good at making the gameplay fairer compared to the precise mouse.

You can see the tests and explanations for the seemingly lower PC recoil here in the video:

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Have you ever caught yourself scolding the streamers who always hit it so easy? Do you see things differently now that a pro has clarified why the guns seem to have less recoil?