PS5 unofficial PS2 style looks unique and gives us the pure nostalgia flash

What would the PS5 look like in retro design?

What would the PS5 look like in retro design?

The standard PS5 can be designed in bright colors for a few weeks. Sony has released a total of five different colored side plates in its PS shop, which can be swapped out with the previous white plates.

However, this is not enough for many modders and they let off steam with their creativity on the home console. A new find from the Reddit forum shows a particularly cool specimen that has now been given a retro coat of paint.

PS5 becomes PS2

On Reddit, user HistoricalAd5106 shows what he’s got. There he presents a PS5, which thanks to his handicraft work now resembles a PS2 console:

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What does the console look like? The user removed the PS5’s colored side panels and instead installed slightly transparent side panels colored black. This allows the inner workings of the PS5 to be seen somewhat. The user has replaced the center section of the console, where the buttons and connections are located, with carbon fiber.

The PS5 logo is emblazoned on the center of the side plate, albeit in the style and color scheme of the PS2 logo that was prominent at the time. This gives the design a nostalgic touch. Incidentally, the components that the user used for his work all come from the shipping giant Amazon.

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You can see what else PS5 fans have changed on their PS5 in the following overview:

In the comments, the user is praised for the appearance of the console. One commenter simply states that he would have preferred the plastic parts to have a more matte finish. But he also finds positive words for the appearance of the PS5.

But while many modders are redesigning their PS5 consoles, not everyone who wants one has yet got their hands on a PS5. With our GamePro ticker you are always up to date when it comes to the availability of the PS5. So keep your eyes peeled if you still haven’t had a chance to own the PS5.

What do you think of the look of the PS5 console in PS2 style?