Sexist tweet from the e-sports team causes a shitstorm

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Of: Philip Hansen

The FaZe professionals wanted to be funny on Twitter, but are now slithering towards accusations of sexism. The esports players try to apologize.

Atlanta, USA – FaZe Clan streamers are considered absolute pros in Call of Duty. The clan wins tournaments in e-sports. But the organization also makes negative headlines again and again. The latest allegations speak of misogyny on Twitter. FaZe apologized, but that doesn’t really make it any better.

Faze causes trouble: Angry gamers force CoD professionals to apologize after sexist tweet

These are the bad boys of gaming: FaZe Clan is as well known as it is notorious. The esports organization has its hands in the biggest video game titles, including Call of Duty. FaZe streamers make millions. FaZe sees itself not only as a professional home for professional gamers, but also for entertainers and influencers. A tweet to set the mood before a league tournament backfired and FaZe is facing accusations of sexism.

This misogynistic tweet is about: On July 5, 2022, Atlanta Faze, the name of FaZe’s Call of Duty League (CDL) professional team, shared a post on Twitter.

  • On Twitter, the clan’s professional players could be seen as women. A digital filter makes this possible.
  • But the corresponding saying in the tweet then caused trouble: It was asked how many drinks you would need to tow one of the “women”.
  • The said tweet was deleted after a day. The feedback was devastating: allegations of sexism and misogyny came as a concentrated echo of the FaZe Clan.
  • Finally, the tweet implied that in order to be interested in women, you must consume alcohol and then only do so if you want to sleep with them.
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FaZe wants to fix the problem “internally” and attracts even more hatred

Here is how FaZe apologized: After FaZe deleted the critical post from Twitter, the organization issued an apology. There one speaks of a “misguided tweet“. We want to apologize because women and the “Call of Duty” community deserve better. But then the end of the tweet causes trouble, here it says that FaZe has solved the problem internally and everyone is now going to the future in a positive way.

Here’s the now-deleted tweet and apology letter:

This is how the internet reacts: FaZe is polarizing again. The apology, as well as the original tweet about the women-made pro players, has been defended by quite a few Twitter users. According to them, the action should only be understood as a joke and not misogynistic. The other camp replies that if you dismiss something like this with a smile, you are part of the problem yourself.

The fact that Atlanta FaZe (so far) has not drawn any real consequences and is not held accountable by the professional league also enrages some in the comments. The solution to regulate the problem internally is therefore an empty phrase. FaZe, meanwhile, has once again managed to polarize and stand out.

FaZe is enjoying tremendous success in e-sports, but is repeatedly criticized © Adela Sznajder/ESL Gaming/dpa

For example, FaZe was already under discussion this year because a professional had to have a logo from Call of Duty tattooed on his butt. But the clan always attracts attention with controversial actions: for example, rapper legend Snoop Dogg sits on the FaZe board. The hip-hop veteran has also had to contend with sexism scandals.

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