Solo Leveling: Crunchyroll releases first trailer for hype anime

Solo Leveling: Crunchyroll releases first trailer for hype anime

For a long time there were only rumours, now there is certainty: The Manhwa hit (South Korean comic) Solo Leveling is actually getting an anime adaptation. A recently published trailer provides a first insight into the story of the upcoming series to the hype title starting in 2023.

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Sword Art Online studio takes care of solo leveling anime

The story of Solo Leveling takes place on an alternate version of Earth. There are some time ago portals appeared that with dangerous dungeons are connected. At the same time, in some people powerful abilities awakenedwhich they use to make a living.

Those people are called Hunter denoted and Jin Woo Sung should be the weakest of them. At least that’s what his colleagues claim. In a dungeon, however, our protagonist is given the opportunity to increase your level immensely. Can he become the strongest hunter like this?

The upcoming Solo Leveling anime series, which will be based on the eponymous Manhwa series by Chugong based, is from aniplex produced and created in Studio A-1 Pictures. The animation house was in the last few years mainly for various Anime projects related to Sword Art Online responsible.

will direct Shunsuke Nakashige (“Mother of the Goddess’ Dormitory”). Noboru Kimura (“Gangsta.”) will contribute the script and Tomoko Sudo (“Alice in Borderland”) is handling character design. In addition, will Hiroyuki Sawano (“Attack on Titan”) to take on the music for the upcoming hype anime.

The official one of the upcoming Solo Leveling anime series © Solo Leveling Animation Partners

“Solo Leveling” will sometime in 2023 start on Japanese TV. crunchy roll has already secured the rights to the anime series and will own the title in simulcast to offer.

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