Streamer shows his old children’s room – “It smells like it used to be”

Knossi shows fans his old children's room

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Of: Aileen Udovenko

Knossi takes his fans on a nostalgic journey to his childhood. In his Rastatt documentary, the streamer now shows his old children’s room.

Rastatt – Knossi lived with his mother in an apartment in Rastatt for 25 years. During this time, the streamer has experienced a lot. Now he is returning to the places of his childhood with a Rastatt documentary on YouTube and reveals very personal details about this time to his fans. In his hometown, the well-known face causes a lot of fuss. And Knossi even manages to get access to his old apartment. This has been completely renovated in the meantime, but the streamer still remembers everything from back then.

Knossi is reminiscing – Streamer is sitting in his old children’s room

This has changed: During his tour of Rastatt, Knossi would also like to show his fans his old apartment. The current residents already knew about their prominent previous tenant. And when he is unannounced in front of the front door, the streamer is invited in directly. As soon as Knossi enters the hallway, the Twitch star notices “It smells like before.” When he arrives in the apartment, however, he finds that it has been completely renovated and that many things are no longer recognizable.

That’s how it was “rancid” Guest toilet transformed into a modern toilet and the kitchen has also been replaced with a newer model. In the hallway of the apartment, however, there is still the same built-in cupboard that Knossi used to store his belongings back then. After a short tour, the streamer comes to his old children’s room. Where there is a single bed in the corner today, Knossi used to have a loft bed. In his memory, however, the room seemed much larger.

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Knossi shares memories: Knossi immediately begins to tell stories from his youth. The streamer still remembers peeing off the balcony for so long “Until the wall of the house has discolored at some point.”. From the same balcony, the Twitch star sadly eyed the neighborhood kids when his mother forbade him to play outside. Knossi sits with his cameraman on the second balcony of the apartment, from which his mother always has the neighbors “picked up”when something didn’t suit her.

“It smells like it used to be” – Knossi shows fans his old children’s room © YouTube / Knossi

Knossi meets old friends: Knossi also happened to meet a friend from his youth on his tour of Rastatt. When Knossi asks what kind of guy he used to be, he is a bit embarrassed. But the two would have been together “fucked up”, as he reveals. His old friend also thinks Knossi still looks the same as he did when he was 15.

On a tour of Rastatt – Knossi visits grandma and grandpa

Visiting the grandparents: If Knossi is ever in Rastatt, then of course he also visits his grandparents. They are very happy about the spontaneous visit of their streamer grandson. Your apartment is still the same as it used to be, says the Twitch star in the video. His grandfather emphasizes how proud he is of Knossi. In the living room he even has his grandson’s little Funko Pop figure.

Even when Knossi tells his grandparents about 7 vs. Wild, they are sure that their grandson can last the seven days. Knossi seems to see it similarly, because his new competitor Ottogerd Karasch doesn’t seem to scare the streamer either.

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