The Boys: What’s next after the season 3 finale?

The Boys: What's next after the season 3 finale?

Last Friday is the final episode the third season of The Boys Amazon Prime landed and hit like a bomb in every respect. A fourth season has already been announced, so fans of the series can look forward to more material about the gang surrounding Butcher. A video game in the spirit of the series would certainly be a wish for some, and Metal Gear creator Hideo Kojima even had a similar idea.

Spoiler alert: The following highlights key aspects of The Boys Season 3 finale episode. Don’t read any further if you haven’t watched the finale yet!

Yes, because kojima discarded this due to too high a similarity, we will remain with the series for the time being, about which it is after the third season enough to talk about again. The season finale of theboys has raised many questions that fans are already dying to hear and hopefully will be answered in the next season.

Which characters from The Boys are recurring after Season 3?

At least has some answers Show producer Eric Kripke but already now. In an interview with TV line Kripke spoke primarily about the two characters who will no longer be in the superhero business as usual after Season 3: Queen Maeve and Black Noir. While Maeve survived the jump from Vought Tower with Soldier Boy but lost her superpowers, Noir didn’t get off so lightly.

While some will certainly argue that Maeve’s survival seems like a backslide, Kripke reports that it does planned from the start was:
“We deliberately built a happy ending for her, all along, for many reasons. Firstly, she deserved it. Believe it or not, The Boys is a moral universe and if you make the right choices, you will be rewarded and so she deserved a happy ending with Elena.”

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Even if Maeve is now together with Elena is allowed to enjoy country life and has retired early, she will appear again in the course of the series, as Kripke reports: “There’s no way the series will end until we see Maeve again.” The situation is similar with Black Noir: Even if the mute mercenary brutally homelanders was murdered, it doesn’t mean the end of the character in The Boys:

“Here’s what I say to all the Black Noir fans mourning his death: A completely mute and masked superhero is super easy to recast. And there’s a reason they’re public [in der Seriey] haven’t revealed yet that Noir is dead. So this isn’t the last we’ve seen of Noir. It’s just the last of this version.” Here’s what we know so far about the next season of The Boys on the next page!

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