Trigun Stampede: The first real trailer for the anime reboot is here

Trigun Stampede: The first real trailer for the anime reboot is here

With the anime series Trigun Stampede there is currently a new edition of the Cult manga from 1995 in progress. A detailed look at the upcoming title is offered recently released trailer.

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Gunslinger Vash is given a new lease of life by Studio Orange

on Vash the Stampede is a huge bounty suspended in the amount of 60 million double dollars. The two insurance agents Meryl and Milly want to snag that sum and hunt down the notorious outlaw. When they finally find him, they’re amazed, because Vash really wants to not harm anyone’s hair.

So much can be revealed about the story of “Trigun”, that of mangaka Yasuhiro Nightow was created. The manga series was released from 1995 to 1997 and was divided into total three volumes closed. A 26-episode anime series followed in 1998 Studio madhouse (“Death Note”) was produced. In this country you can watch the anime classic streaming on Netflix look at.

With “Trigun Stampede” a new edition of the cult manga will be released next year completely new team is created. Responsible this time is the renowned Studio Orangewhich in recent years has mainly dealt with the Netflix anime Beastars made a name. Like this title, the new series about gunslinger Vash will also be a full CGI anime will.

will direct Kenji Mutou (“Terror in Tokyo”), during Kouji Tajima (“Loki”, “The Sandman”) handles both character designs and concept design. With Yoshitsugu Matsuoka (Kirito in “Sword Art Online”) and Tomoyo Kurosawa (Tina Sprout in “Black Bullet”) are also already the voice actors of adult and young Vash respectively.

Trigun Stampede Official Key Visual © 2023 Yasuhiro Naito / Shonen Gahosha / “TRIGUN STAMPEDE” Production Committee

“Trigun Stampede” will sometime in 2023 start on Japanese TV. VoD provider crunchy roll already confirmed the anime series in simulcast to be offered.

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