Twitch streamer publishes exact numbers of how much money she made with OnlyFans – Others warn about it

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Twitch streamer Kaitlyn “Amouranth” Siragusa has now released exact numbers about her earnings on the “OnlyFans” platform: It’s over $33 million, making her one of the most successful 0.01% percent of the platform. But other women who are successful on OnlyFans warn: it’s not nearly as much for them. And they too belong to the top of the platform.

How much money did Amouranth make on Onlyfans? On July 8th, Amouranth published a post on Twitter:

  • In total, she has earned $33,760,282 and 49 cents before taxes on Onlyfans. That’s a little over 33 million euros.
  • After taxes, it’s $27,006,617 and 98 cents. Enough to yourself Get Blizzard stock for it and get involved with the return of naked women in WoW.
  • Amouranth shows the months from July 2022 to October 2021, where it consistently earns between $1.4 million and $1.6 million. There are hardly any fluctuations (via twitter).

Even if Amouranth is very careful, sometimes she gets banned from Twitch too:

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Lure with free content on Twitch – collect on Onlyfans

How did she make so much money? Amouranth has a two-pronged business model:

  • On Twitch, Twitter and Instagram she shows herself freely, but within the rules of the platform: she presents herself in underwear, lolls in bathtubs and flirts with her sexuality. On Twitch, for example, she licks microphones, whispers in ASMR or writes the names of subscribers on her skin. This has made her the most successful streamer on Twitch.
  • In this way, she draws viewers’ attention to herself with her “free content”. Through OnlyFans, she turns those viewers into paying customers
  • On OnlyFans, Amouranth offers sexually explicit content, such as nude photos or private shows, for a fee.
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Amouranth emphasizes the importance of the team she built to her earnings.

Ever since Amouranth has a team, she’s been making real money on OnlyFans

This is what she says about the numbers: While Amouranth often flirts with her sexuality, her tweets are always about entrepreneurship and self-motivation.

She repeatedly emphasizes how proud she is of what she has achieved and how hard and persistent she had to work to achieve it.

Apparently, the most important step in her career was not doing everything alone like she did at the beginning of her career. She consciously included employees in her projects. Since other employees are dependent on her, it motivates her even more to work and “to grind”, as she calls it.

For her, stepping out of her comfort zone was apparently so difficult and important:

Some people just dream and try to make their dreams come true that way, while others wake up and work hard to make their dreams come true.

Look around and ask for help if you need it. Get out of your comfort zone and into your growth zone.

As Amouranth is known to have started making these big bucks when she started building her own team and marketing her sexual content professionally.

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Other successful women on OnlyFans don’t even begin to earn as much

This is how it is discussed: There are many comments on Twitter who are impressed by the sheer sum. Twitch streamer Esfand hit Amouranth for money, saying he wanted to fly to Europe for TwitchCon.

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Others caution that Amouranth makes money by showing off her body and that it’s an “easy way” to make money. Amouranth is heavily attacked by some, claiming that it only benefits from “desperate gamers” – but soon they won’t have any more money because of the recession, and then the good times for Amouranth would also be over.

Others say: They would also work on fulfilling their dreams, but just wouldn’t make any progress. Apparently they lack the luck that Amouranth has leased.

Amouranth says the death of her dog Viego motivates her to work so hard today so she can save more animals later.

There is one post from another OnlyFans user: she says she is in the top 0.45% of Onlyfans and doesn’t earn nearly as much as Amouranth. While onlyfans is a good platform, you really have to think about it before committing to it because you can’t take back anything you put out there.

To sum it up a bit nasty:

  • Some men, seeing the numbers, say, “If only I were a woman” or “Women have it easier”
  • But women who see these numbers say, “My earnings look very different no matter what I do” or “It’s way too hard to even come close to getting there.”

Some women say that fueling their OnlyFans channel on a regular basis is incredibly stressful for them. You couldn’t do that continuously, but always needed longer breaks, which set your career back a lot.

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Apparently it’s not that easy to be an e-girl.

Amouranth’s days of $1.5 million a month will soon come to an end, too. She says she knows she can’t physically do this forever and is planning a total content overhaul.

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According to Amouranth, the last few months have been a pure grind of converting free viewers into customers. Apparently, despite all the money, she’s slowly had enough of it.

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