WoW: The hunter in Dragonflight – our expectations, our wishes

WoW: This is how you switch them "Dark Ranger" free for elves (1)

As a pure DpS class, it is particularly important for the hunter that each of the three ways of playing feels unique and special. Blizzard’s developers may not have done a great job in this regard, but they certainly did a decent job. Especially compared to before, when all three specs basically played the same and you only had to exchange a few skills in the bar. However, what the hunter is missing today more than in the past is a unique selling point. Or have you ever noticed negatively in recent years if you didn’t have a hunter in the raid?

Danger: There is now a first official presentation of the hunter talents for Dragonflight!

Make pets great again!

The pets are the central element for many hunter fans. Unfortunately, these are no longer relevant. That doesn’t mean they don’t do damage anymore, but rather that it doesn’t really matter which pet you bring into battle anymore. Because the days when hunters could replace a whole range of buffs and debuffs from other classes with their pet are long gone. things like heroism / battle frenzy still works, but revives in combat or relevant buffs and debuffs? none. And this is exactly where the developers can start. Could the hunter have effects like Arcane Intelligence, Chaos Brand or mystical touch Bringing it along as a pet would strengthen its position and at the same time reduce the blatant dependence on individual classes. As a hunter, we would definitely like that.

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