Respawn is working on a new single player game set in the Apex Legends universe

Apex Legends Octane Blast

Apex Legends is one of the most popular Battle Royale Games on the market. The first-person shooter combines the proven gameplay with a large and growing selection of heroes with special abilities. The eponymous Apex Games are in Titanfall-Universe settled.

Developer has several job advertisements respawn now reveal that they are working on a new single player game in the same universe. They have the fact that the studio can offer gripping single-player experiences titan fall 2 and last Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order proven.

Respawn: Single player game in progress

Big studios are almost constantly looking for new employees. In individual cases, however, job advertisements reveal more than the public already knows at the time. It’s the same now with the advertised jobs respawn.

On the one hand, a*e Senior Engine/Systems Engineer searched. It is interesting that the position is specifically for a Apex Universe FPS Incubation Project is advertised. So it’s about one First person shooter in the Apex Universewhich is still at a very early stage in development.

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For the same project, a*e Hard surface artist searched. In the description we learn a little more about the planned title:

“This new single player title is every developer’s dream playground, given the freedom to innovate through its unique universe”

So it is one single player title. So if you’ve been waiting for a sequel to “Apex Legends”, you’ll have to bury those hopes for the time being. A possible titan case 3 however, is not excluded.

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This is Apex Legends

Apex Legends is a Battle royale shooter from the first-person perspective Hero Shooter Elements. The game became 2019 released completely unexpectedly and without prior notice and has since established itself as one of the top title of the genre established on the market.

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Like many other representatives of the genre, “Apex Legends” is fundamental Free-2-Play. In the shop there are many different items such as skins for the legends or weapons also for real money to buy. Besides, there is one Battle Passwhich allows players to unlock more cosmetic items during a season.

Apex Legends takes place a few years after the events of Titanfall 2 and features characters from the shooter series. Even some of the legends are closely related Titanfall connected.