Apple Watch Series 8 Pro could cost as much as an iPhone 13 Pro


Apple is expected to launch three Watch Series 8 models in September. In addition to the two well-known models with display sizes of 41 and 45 millimeters, another, even larger model is to be released this year. This variant could be called Apple Watch Series 8 Pro and is possibly as expensive as an iPhone 13 Pro.

Rumors have been circulating for a long time that Apple is expanding its Watch Series this year with a new model intended for extreme sports. It should offer a larger display than previous models and have a special protective housing. The Bloomberg editor and Apple connoisseur Mark Gurman has in his current newsletter (via AppleInsider) is a bit busy with the possible name of the new model and already has an idea how much the smartwatch could cost.

Watch Series 8 Pro: For extreme athletes

Several possible names for the new Apple smartwatch model are currently circulating online, including Apple Watch Extreme, Apple Watch Max or Apple Watch Explorer Edition. However, Gurman strongly believes that Apple will mark the new model with the suffix “Pro”. The new model would fit into the Pro series of other Apple devices. Furthermore, the label “Pro” also signals a higher value and status.

The target group that the Apple Watch Series 8 Pro is aimed at are extreme athletes and anyone “who would otherwise get a high-end sports watch from Garmin for intensive workouts,” writes Gurman. With the introduction of the Pro model, however, Apple could possibly discontinue the Edition model of its Watch Series. Until now, these models have always been the most expensive options in the Watch Series.

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As expensive as an iPhone 13 Pro?

Gurman also has a concrete idea of ​​the price of the Watch Series 8 Pro. The Bloomberg editor reckons the Pro model will cost between $900 and $1,000, which is about as much as an iPhone 13 Pro currently costs in the US. Apple could justify the high price with the larger display and higher-quality material such as titanium.

There is no official information about the hardware of the Watch Series 8 Pro so far. According to Gurman, in addition to a larger display and battery, the smartwatch could also offer an S8 chip and a sensor to measure body temperature.