Battlefield 3: New reality mod will be released in a few days

Battlefield 3: New reality mod will be released in a few days

Although Battlefield 3 is already eleven years old, fans of the shooter can still look forward to a late highlight: a so-called reality mod will be released soon.

To anticipate one thing right away: This is not the remaster of Battlefield 3, which was rumored to be a few years ago. As is usual for mods, this is an unofficial project, but it is no less complex and, in addition to cosmetic innovations, will also have a lot to offer in terms of gameplay. Launch for PC is July 17, 2022.

Battlefield 3: Reality Mod brings many innovations

Own information on the home page After that, the team of more than 80 employees worked on the mod for a total of seven years on a voluntary basis. If you want to enjoy it, you need the Battlefield 3 base game with all updates and premium DLCs.

Fans then expect many new features. Overall, the gameplay should put an even stronger focus on teamwork and communication, and many details have also changed. These include, among others:

  • More realistic gameplay pace (running speed, weapon handling, respawn mechanics)
  • New elements such as artillery attack, commander role for UAVs, deployable aids such as sandbags, mortars, etc.)
  • New UI incl. new HUD
  • New medicine system (limited revives, bleeding mechanics and more)
  • New ballistics

This is just an excerpt of the upcoming and planned innovations, the complete list can be found on the homepage. A map editor is also announced there, where you can create new maps together with others. In addition, there should be a 24-hour daily cycle with changing weather and matches with more than 100 players on one server. In terms of content, the Battlefield 3 reality mod will start at the end of the Cold War and advance to modern conflicts.

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A first warning

At the launch in a few days, version 0.1 will appear, which is referred to as “starting point”. Afterwards, of course, there is still a lot to be optimized before you arrive at version 1.0 as the big goal. They warn that the team may make “some difficult decisions” and “sacrifice” aspects again.

A trailer has also been released, which you can check out below: