Deals with Gold: Xbox special offers week 28/2022

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The new Deals with Gold week has started and from now on you can save again on some special Xbox offers.

From now on you can put some games and extensions in the virtual shopping cart in the Microsoft Store again at a reduced price. All Xbox One offerings (excluding Kinect games) and Xbox 360 titles marked as backward compatible (AK) can also be played on your Xbox Series X|S. All Deals with Gold (DWG) only offers require an active Xbox LIVE Gold or Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription.

As usual, you can find a complete overview of all special offers every Tuesday on

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Xbox One / Xbox Series X|S – Deals with Gold – July 12-18, 2022

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title New price € savings
aborigine €1.99 €3.00
Baldo the guardian owls €17.49 €7.50
Best month ever! €14.99 €5.00
Clone Drone in the Danger Zone €11.99 €8.00
Cyberpunk 2077 €34.99 €35.00
Déjà-vu €2.49 €7.50
Fuga: Melodies of Steel €27.99 €12.00
Fuga: Melodies of Steel – Deluxe Edition €41.99 €18.00
Gang Beasts €9.99 €10.00
Lotus Reverie: First Nexus €7.69 €6.30
Masters of Anima €1.74 €5.25
MudRunner €7.49 €22.50
Outbreak Definitive Collection €14.99 €45.00
Outbreak Platinum Collection €47.49 €47.50
Project Wingman €18.74 €6.25
Resident Evil Village & Resident Evil 7 (Full Pack) €53.99 €36.00
Resident Evil Village Deluxe Edition €43.98 €36.00
Saints Row IV: Re-Elected €2.99 €17.00
Saints Row IV: Re-Elected & Gat out of Hell €5.99 €24.00
The Council—Complete Season €5.99 €9.00
the crew 2 €9.99 €40.00
THE CREW 2 – Season Pass €15.99 €24.00
The Crew 2 Gold Edition €17.99 €72.00
The Crew 2 Special Edition €11.99 €48.00
The Surge €4.49 €10.50
XCOM 2 €4.99 €45.00
XCOM 2: War of the Chosen €3.99 €36.00
XCOM 2 Digital Deluxe Edition €6.49 €58.50

A notice: List not complete, update with many more offers will follow!

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