Destiny 2: Many guardians want to get away from the seasons, back to more DLCs – “That would kill the game”

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In Destiny 2, more and more guardians want the old DLC model back instead of regular seasons. But would a return to the pure DLC model make sense or would that perhaps kill the space shooter? MeinMMO wants to know what the German community thinks about it. Vote with your opinion in our survey at the end.

Seasons vs DLCs – What’s the difference? Currently, Destiny 2 offers its players a so-called “season pass model”. It debuted in 2019 with the Shadowkeep DLC, when Bungie turned their space shooter into a free-to-play game.

  • Since then, the season model has largely followed the ongoing story content, but does not offer the scope of a full DLC. However, players will receive new items every 3 months, such as weapons, exotics and seasonal armor sets as well as cosmetic items.
  • The content of a DLC, on the other hand, is extensive. With “The Witch Queen” not only was a large, excitingly staged campaign added, but also a new area, a 6-player activity, new strikes and weapon crafting.
DLC content used to be a little less extensive.

In the meantime, however, many players only perceive the seasons as a gap filler between the good content. Even the current season of the haunted could not really inspire all players.

The guardians are therefore again discussing on reddit and Twitter whether the return to a pure season model for Destiny 2 might not be better. This is how the player TheOriginalFluff writes on Twitter for discussion:

I’d rather have 1 big DLC ​​a year and that’s it or 2 medium sized twice. The only way I’ve played Seasons is to log in, do the weekly story/pinnacle/challenges and then log out again, it’s boring man!

comments the player TheOriginalFluff via Twitter

Bungie is already optimizing Season Pass content: So that a season doesn’t feel the same way, the developer has already tried to take countermeasures.

  • Season 17 brought with it a patrol area on Abandoned Leviathan for the first time. The area itself wasn’t new, however, and longtime players knew it far too well.
  • Legacy Dungeons and Raids have been adjusted to lure players into their activities with weekly pinnacle loot.
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Especially long-time players want more: Bungie wanted to offer regular content through Seasons. But you also have to realize that this model is simply not made for hardcore gamers who want to play Destiny 2 for several hours a day.

Instead, the focus is on the weekly return of the players, who then complete their challenges and farm a few weapons with moderate effort.

Seasonal campaign progress is also now timegated during a season. That means the Guardians can only continue these for a while after the Weekly reset. So nobody can see the end of the story right away, you have to stick with it week after week, at least for a while.

Season Pass Destiny 2 Season 13
The season pass brings new items, weapons and armor into play every three months.

This is what Bungie brings consistent player counts: If you look at numbers via steam charts Destiny 2 is currently doing better with the season model. You used to play through a DLC and then you could see the number of players in the space shooter dropping rapidly. If you made several small DLCs, it would be similar.

Many long-time players still remember this old DLC model, and they haven’t forgotten how severe the content droughts were back then. So does Keeper Joey Shaffer:

DLCs ​​suck, Seasons are way better. That gives me a reason to play every week. This content drought on the DLCs was tough. I actually stopped playing between the DLCs because I got too bored […] and nothing interesting happened.

writes Joey Shaffer via Twitter

Without Seasons, Destiny 2 often “dried up”: In fact, the small DLCs, such as “Curse of Osiris” or “War Spirit”, have added interesting content. In these times, well-known Destiny streamers like Gladd were much more active and even if he is still holding back his opinion, he also seems to be dissatisfied with the current season model:

You guys aren’t even ready for my thoughts on Destiny’s content feed model: Seasons vs. DLC

counters Gladd on twitter the players

Not everything was always great with the DLCs: There were also really long dry spells of doing nothing with the DLC model. The campaigns were often completed so quickly that there was simply nothing left for the keepers to do. Quests weren’t timegated either. If you didn’t want to go to the Crucible, you just didn’t play Destiny 2 anymore. The longevity of the game was pretty much non-existent at the time.

The Seasons, on the other hand, are intended to give players the feeling that they are part of an evolving world. So Bungie uses the model to advance the game a little bit every three months and still keep the arc of Destiny history stretched over the long term.

But now we want to know your opinion on the subject: What are your thoughts on the seasonal format? Should Bungie throw this model overboard and hand it over to small and large DLCs? Or are you for the season pass model? Vote and let us know what you think in the comments.