dr Strange 2: This is what happened to the Avengers in the Illuminati Universe

dr  Strange 2: This is what happened to the Avengers in the Illuminati Universe

that it im multiverse We didn’t just know what goes haywire since Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, but the second film about former surgeon Stephen Strange naturally gave us a number of new insights into the many different universes that exist in the Marvel Cinematic Universe so coexist side by side.

Unfortunately, the Deadpool universe didn’t make it into the film, but we accompanied Strange and America Chavez for a long time in the 838 universe, in which the Illuminati consisting of superhero icons such as Charles Xavier, Mr. Fantastic and Captain Carter represent the controlling authority. But what is actually in this universe from the avengers become?

The Avengers in the Illuminati Universe: Retired Superheroes?

This question has now Richie Palmerthe producer of Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness (buy now €32.99)in an interview with Empire (via The Direct) answered and was the first to provide exciting information about Wanda Maximoff, who lives there: “Yes, we believe the 838-Wanda had children and retired. She was lucky to be able to live a life with her family and didn’t prioritize being a superhero. Maybe because of the Illuminati, maybe also because of other things.”

Then he came to talk about how the superhero troop of the avengers stands: “But this is a world where Ultron seems to work the way Tony Stark intended in Age of Ultron. Armor around the world that Tony wanted to use to retire the Avengers in Age of Ultron. […] This is a world where Tony cracked Ultron and everything worked out and he said to the others, if you want to retire now and go home, you can do it.”

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With the retired Avengers, another group of heroes have teamed up and take care of the obedient ones here Ultron robots for order: “And then the Illuminati got together behind the scenes and pulled the strings. But I think it was a little bit better world for whatever reason and Wanda was able to go and live the life she deserved. Us as Viewers don’t know who the father of their children is in this universe.”