E-scooter accessories: This is how you can pimp your electric scooter

E-scooter accessories: This is how you can pimp your electric scooter

If you buy a new electric scooter, you also need the right accessories for the e-scooter. We present practical accessories that should definitely be with you when you drive.

Important information before buying e-scooter accessories: not every product fits everyone electric scooter! Luggage racks and similar accessories are often model-specific. Before you buy, you should therefore make sure that the accessories also fit.

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Safety: helmets and locks

From a legal point of view, there is no obligation to wear a helmet when driving an e-scooter in Germany. Similar to riding a bike is also using an electric scooter a helmet definitely recommendable. When buying you should think of the following things:

  • Make sure the helmet fits correctly and put it on before you buy it.
  • Pay attention to the right size. The helmet should neither wobble nor sit too tight on your head!
  • Pay attention to tested safety (CE test seal or GS mark).

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If you can’t take your e-scooter to the office or home, it’s better to have the vehicle secure with a lock. So-called folding locks from suppliers such as Abus or Fischer are particularly recommended. When buying a lock for the e-scooter, however, you should consider that the scooter wheels sometimes don’t have spokes and you can’t put it through the rims. Then all that remains is to use a so-called handcuff lock or a brake disc lock.

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Transport: bags, racks and mounts

If you are traveling with the e-scooter, you should keep both hands on the handlebars and not pull out your smartphone while driving. If you still want to use your navigation app when navigating around, you can’t avoid a cell phone holder. In most cases, a standard bike mount is suitable for attaching the smartphone to the e-scooter.

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On the other hand, if you not only want to transport your smartphone, but also larger things with the e-scooter, you need a bag.

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Some damage to the e-scooter can also be repaired yourself with the right tools.

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Spare parts, tools & other

When it comes to batteries and chargers, however, you should only rely on original accessories from the e-scooter manufacturer. The situation is different with replacement tires or replacement inner tubes (in the case of pneumatic tires) – here you can use other variants in most online shops without hesitation.

Finally, for repairs and the replacement of spare parts, you can use a commercially available one Bike tool kit use.

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