€1.89 in the PS Store – One of the best horror games of recent years in a 90% offer

There's a spooky game lurking in the PS Sale that we can recommend.

There’s a spooky game lurking in the PS Sale that we can recommend.

Midsummer has arrived and instead of big video game releases, all we see is flickers in the air. If it’s too hot outside for you, the perfect game for locking yourself in and letting the shutters down is now available on PlayStation Store for PS4 and PS5. For Outlast you currently have to pay less than two euros. So it’s a scoop of ice cream or a thrilling horror trip – your decision.

  • What? Outlast
  • Where? In PS Store
  • For how much? 1.89 euros
  • Until when is the offer valid? July 21, 2022

Outlast is co-founder of a new genre

Outlast - PS4 version launch trailer


Outlast – PS4 version launch trailer

  • Genre: horror
  • Platforms: PS4, Xbox One, Switch, PC

How to play Outlast: When Outlast launched in 2014, a trend had just started. Many indie studios released horror games – most notably Amnesia: The Dark Descend – in which we can’t defend ourselves against our enemies, we can only run away. Together with several other titles, Outlast managed to establish the subgenre in the masses.

Accordingly, Outlast does not give you any weapons, just a camera to illuminate the extremely dark environments a little. But be careful, the batteries can run out and the hand-held camera will eventually turn off.

This is how you sneak around, and if you are spotted, you have to run and look for a hiding place as quickly as possible. Here you must persevere in the hope that you will not be found. And of course one or the other jump scare should not be missing.

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You can find out whether Outlast is also suitable for you in the GamePro test:

The purest horror


Outload in the test

The purest horror

This is the story: Your task in Outlast is to uncover the mystery of a mental institution – and of course, to survive. The institution has only recently reopened and something is wrong with the operators and the inmates. Documents and short cutscenes guide you through the story, which has a few twists towards the end.

This is how Outlast performs in the criticism: Outlast stands by Metacritic to a solid 78 percent. That’s decent considering that not everyone likes horror games and that Red Barrels was a small indie studio back then. Accordingly, the title cannot keep up with an AAA production, but it offers a unique atmosphere.

A sequel, Outlast 2, was released in 2017, the events of which are based on a true story. Also located with Outlast Trials a co-op spin-off in the works.

Have you already played Outlast and can you recommend the title? Or do you hit the offer now?