Elden Ring player hits the piano keys, ending the game

Elden Ring player hits the piano keys, ending the game

Elden Ring players come up with the craziest ways to complete the From Software game. Our latest shows a musical Souls fan traversing the in-between lands not with a controller, but with a piano.

The melody to victory

Not only does it look funny, it also sounds completely different. To use his attacks and move, press Reddit-User Omunchkin13 the keys on his piano – and that doesn’t sound as bad as you might think at first.

Sure, this isn’t a musical masterpiece, but despite the limitations that the Elden ring and piano player has given himself, the result is something that could be chalked up as experimental jazz.

More on Elden Ring:

To bind the buttons to the game, the user used software called Bome MIDI Translator. Since this is a free version, in addition to the actual challenge, it also timed out every 20 minutes.

And despite this, Omunchkin13 managed to defeat all the main bosses. Baddest of all bards, if you will. At least if you disregard Anna Ellsworth, who played Elden Ring with a harp.


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