Free dragon shooter now comes to PS5 and Xbox One – Score with epic dogfights

Free dragon shooter now comes to PS5 and Xbox One - Score with epic dogfights

Dragon shooter Century: Ages of Ashes is out today for Xbox One and coming soon to PS4 and PS5. The game is Free2Play and you can compete as a dragon rider against other players in epic air battles. MeinMMO introduces you to the title in more detail.

What is Century: Ages of Ashes game? The game is a fantasy shooter where you compete against each other as dragon riders in dogfights.

You can level up your game characters and dragons and customize them with equipment.

The game had its Steam release on December 2nd, 2021. On March 10th, 2022 it was released for the Xbox Series X/S. Century: Ages of Ashes comes from the games studio Playwing.

When will Century: Ages of Ashes launch for which platform?

  • Already released: PC & Xbox Series X/S
  • July 12, 2022: Launch for Xbox One
  • July 19, 2022: Launch for PS4 and PS5

You can find the English launch trailer for the console release for Xbox One and PS4/PS5 here on YouTube.

How much is Century: Ages of Ashes? The game is Free2Play and therefore free of charge. There is an option for in-game purchases.

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Century: Ages of Ashes – This is the dragon shooter

There are several game modes in which you can compete with other players:

  • Slaughter: Here you kill enemies for points, increasing the bounty on you. The bigger the bounty on an enemy, the more points you get for killing them.
  • Spoils of war: You steal gold from NPCs and enemies. At the same time, you must defend your own gold
  • Gates of Fire: You have to get hold of a flag and fly through gates inside the game arena. You get points for that. Here two teams play against each other.
  • Survive: 18 players in 3 teams compete against each other. The last team standing wins. A limited number of revives by teammates are possible.
Epic dogfights as a dragon rider

How big are the teams? The game is played in rounds and in teams from 3vs3 to 6vs6vs6 battles.

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What classes are there? In the game, the player can choose one of four different classes. Each of them has their own skills and background. You can choose from:

  • wind watch: Belong to the Skeld army and are tasked with protecting the largest kingdom on the continent.
  • marauder: Are often poachers and ruthless bounty hunters with no affiliation to any realm. They are good at tracking and hunting their prey.
  • Phantom: Said to be the only heirs to the first orders of Dragon Keepers. Their strength lies in camouflage.
  • Storm Generator: They are spiritual guardians of the Valkyrie mountains. They have the ability to weather storms.

New classes will be added over time to enhance the gaming experience.

Character equipment can be customized

How can the characters be customized? With each leveling up, players can further customize their characters and dragons. The items can be fetched in the game or via the shop.

The dragons can be equipped with skins, armor for the back or saddles. Armor, cloaks or weapons are available for the riders.

“Experience” is also gained in battle, which in turn can be used to hatch new Mounted Dragons.

All paid skins are purely cosmetic and will not give you any advantage in battle.

How successful has Century: Ages of Ashes been on Steam so far? The reviews are mostly positive. Both in terms of recent (70% positive out of 255 reviews) and overall (73% positive out of 12,795 reviews) (via steamas of 07/12/2022).

What’s the future for Century: Ages of Ashes? The release is not only planned for the PS4/PS5 and Xbox One platforms. A mobile version of the game is scheduled for release in 2022. The game studio is currently working on the implementation.

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Once the console launches take place, Century: Ages of Ashes will have appropriate crossplay and cross-progression. In this way, players of all supported platforms can play together and the data can be transferred from one platform to another.

What do you think of Century: Ages of Ashes? Write it to us in the comments.

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