Get a top rate with 14 GB for just €9.99 per month on Prime Day.


Not only Amazon has great deals on Prime Day! It’s also worth taking a look at the offers at Vitrado: With this mobilcom-debitel tariff you get a lot of data volume for little money.

Amazon Prime Day started today, but if you want to save, you don’t necessarily have to make a pilgrimage to the mail order giant. Above all, you won’t find tariffs there, so it’s good that Vitrado exists! Because there you get a top rate in the Telekom network, the best network in Germany, for just €9.99 a month!

Get it now and for €9.99 per month. surfing

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A tariff with 14 GB LTE can be so cheap

Is that familiar to you? You come home, throw yourself on the couch and relax and watch a YouTube video on your smartphone. Half an hour later, your heart sinks: the WiFi was off. Data volume is gone, the rest of the month you can surf at speeds reminiscent of 1998.

There is a solution! Because with this tariff you not only have enough data volume that such slip-ups go unpunished, you don’t even pay very much for it. silly €9.99 you have to shell out monthly and get whole 14 GB data volume! That’s enough to watch many hours of videos and movies in HD quality. Thanks to the very good Telekom network, this is also possible practically everywhere.

Speaking of savings: The Connection price also falls under the tableprovided that you receive an SMS with the text “AG Online“ to the number 22240. This means that there are no additional costs apart from the monthly fee. By the way, you save 69 percent compared to the usual conditions!

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All this awaits you in this outrageously cheap tariff:

  • 14 GB LTE Internet Flat (25 Mbit/s)
  • telecom network
  • flat telephony
  • FLAT EU roaming
  • freenet hotspot flat
  • VoLTE & WiFi call capable
  • eSIM possible
  • €9.99/month instead of €31.99
  • NO connection price against SMS

Get the top rate now for €9.99 per month.

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