Hunt Showdown: What Brings Prestige?

Hunt Showdown: What Brings Prestige?

When you finally reach level 100 in Hunt: Showdown after a lot of deaths and a lot of sweat and blood, you can give up everything, click on prestige and start over. But what’s the point? We at MeinMMO explain the mechanics.

What is prestige? In Hunt: Showdown, you level up a bloodline regardless of your individual hunters. You start at level 1 and can go up to level 100. As you level up, you’ll unlock numerous new weapons, items, and tools that will make life in the bayou a little easier.

You also unlock new skills via the bloodline level. For example, your character can use the Necromancer trait from level 69 to revive friendly players from afar or even double the healing received with Doctor from level 73. So there are all sorts of useful things waiting for you once you hit level 100.

From level 100 you can then go prestige. If you do this, a red one will appear next to your name, signaling that you are in 1st prestige. There are a total of 100 steps here as well. Apart from that, you start again at bloodline level 1 and you have to unlock everything again. Both weapon attachments, as well as the weapons themselves as well as traits and Co. You start almost completely from scratch.

You can see what prestige you currently have from the red number in the top left corner.

What’s the point? With each of the 100 prestige, you can choose one of three bonuses that you can use to make the next 100 levels a little more enjoyable. You make your choice from these things:

  • 2,000 Hunt Dollars straight to Tier 1
  • 10% more Experience (Both Hunter and Bloodline)
  • A random real-money skin you don’t already own as a permanent unlock
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An exception to this are very specific prestige, which contain predetermined, exclusive rewards in the form of skins. These are available at prestige levels 5, 10, 25, 50 and 100.

The effects don’t scale with each other, by the way. In each prestige you lose the bonus from the previous one. So if you choose the 10% experience in the 1st prestige and again in the 2nd prestige, you don’t have 20% more, but still only 10.

You can also only choose the random skins from prestige 1 to 10, after that you only get the opportunity to do so every 10 prestige levels. Incidentally, you cannot unlock skins from DLCs or events with it.

Check out the trailer for Hunt here:

Hunt: Showdown Launch Trailer

Is it worth it? Yes, at least once

Which reward should you choose? Whether you want skins, we leave out in this evaluation. If it’s important to you to have the nice weapons and don’t want to spend real money on them, then of course you can always choose the random skin.

But between the $2,000 extra and the 10% more experience it gets tricky, so which should you choose? Our expert tip is to always take the 10% experience with you, because the money is redundant. Especially since you don’t start with 0, but with 4,000 dollars after you have left Prestige. So you’re not completely broke.

In addition, the 10% experience in two scenarios brings you much more than the little money.

  • If you want to leave the prestige behind you as quickly as possible and move on to the next, you can of course achieve this faster with more experience.
  • But even if you get fed up with prestige afterwards, the 10% experience is worth it. If you stay in this prestige permanently, you will never lose this bonus. This means that all your hunters will, forever, take 10% more experience with them and, if necessary, more skill points.
You should always choose the experience, according to our expert tip.

Experience is money: And more importantly, if you stay in the same prestige, the bonus experience will bring you even more money than $2,000. Once you reach bloodline level 100, the game gives you $200 for every 5,000 bloodline experience. So in the end you get even more money from the experience than from the money.

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So our tip is to always go for the experience. Even if you only do one prestige and then realize that you don’t feel like leveling up to 100 again and again, this decision will give you a bonus for the rest of your playing time. The first prestige is therefore, in our eyes, absolutely always worthwhile.

Prestige 2 and higher – For connoisseurs only

Prestige 100 as a goal: Whether all the effort is still worth it after the first new start is a question that has been up to mischief in the Hunt community for a long time. If you play long-term, enjoy unlocking things, and don’t mind starting over again and again, 100 Prestige is a carrot on a stick for you.

Because you don’t really benefit from it. Except that your badge will initially change with each prestige, but after level 10 it will only take on a new form every 10 prestige. For an experienced player, that means only about every 150 hours. There are no other rewards.

Although Crytek would like to revise the prestige system at some point to make it interesting and rewarding after the 1st time, it is currently not known when that will happen. Until then, Prestige 2 to 100 is just something to keep you busy and to live up to the name, literally collecting prestige.

What do you think? What prestige do you have in Hunt? Or are you still debating whether you want to start over at all? Write it to us in the comments here at MeinMMO.

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