LoL legend becomes the first player ever to reach 500 wins in the league – These are his strongest champions

LoL legend becomes the first player ever to reach 500 wins in the league - These are his strongest champions

Lee “Faker” Sang-hyeok is a Legend in League of Legends. The professional player now achieved his 500th victory in the Korean LCK and thus entered a new dimension. We at MeinMMO reveal what he has achieved, what his strongest champions are and how his team is currently doing.

who is faker Faker has been playing for the SK Telecom team since February 2013, which has since been renamed T1. He has never changed teams since entering the competitive scene. The now 26-year-old has achieved a number of successes:

  • He won the Worlds three times (2013, 2015, 2016).
  • He won the mid-season invitational – the second most important international tournament of the year – twice (2016, 2017)
  • He won the LCK a total of 10 times

Faker is a well-known player worldwide, but already something of a superstar in Korea itself. A Korean politician even wanted to change existing laws for fakers.

What has he achieved now? On July 8, Faker claimed his number 500 win in the LCK, setting a record. He has a clear gap to 2nd place – Deft with 371 wins.

Faker impresses with a win rate of over 67% because he has played 742 matches in the LCK so far. This also puts him in first place in terms of the number of matches played. However, Deft is closer here, with just over 600 matches.

Overall, Faker has 921 games and 618 wins in all competitive tournaments.

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Faker dominates with Azir and LeBlanc

Which champions did Faker win the most with?

  • Faker got the most wins with the champion Azir – 58 pieces and thus just over 11%. That’s a bit surprising because the Korean is best known internationally for his performance with LeBlanc.
  • However, LeBlanc “only” has 34 wins and is second in the rankings.
  • Corki is also in the top 3 with 29 wins.
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His top 10 also includes Ryze, Viktor, Orianna, Galio, Ahri, Lissandra, and Twisted Fate and Cassiopeia, who share the #10 spot along with 15 wins.

What are the record holders in other leagues like? The leagues in LoL are difficult to compare, because in Korea the best of 3 is played on regular matchdays. While teams in Europe and America only play one match on a weekend day, in Korea it can be up to three matches if one team ends up 2-1.

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Does Faker take the Worlds again? Faker hasn’t won the Worlds since 2016, although it looked close to winning in 2017 and 2021. This year his team dominated the Spring Split, winning it 18-0. However, they narrowly lost the all-important mid-season invitational in the final, 2-3.

Currently, T1, Faker’s team, and Gen.G share first place in the Summer Split, each 7-1.

What do you think of Faker’s record? Did he deserve all the hype? And will he manage to reward himself with a win in the Worlds again in 2022?

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