New co-op shooter Redfall gets an adventurous open world – with merciless war between the NPCs

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The co-op shooter Redfall is scheduled for release in 2023 under the development studio Arkane Studios appear. Now there was more information about the Open World. Co-creative director Harvey Smith also shared how the NPCs in Redfall fight each other.

What kind of game will Redfall be? Redfall will be a shooter with co-op gameplay, story included. The whole thing will take place in an open world that offers room for discovery.

The game is about fighting the vampires in the town of Redfall and solving the mystery behind their appearance.

The player can choose one of four game characters, each with specific abilities and characteristics.

Behind the game Redfall is the publisher Bethesda and the developer studio Arkane Studios, which are known for games like Wolfenstein: Young Blood or Dishonored.

Redfall co-creative director Harvey Smith gave in one Interviewed by IGN Insights into the co-op shooter Redfall. Here he went into more detail about what the open world will offer in Redfall:

  • environmental storytelling
  • NPC behavior
  • Solo Exploration vs. Group Exploration
  • size of the open world
  • Two areas within the world

Here you can see a trailer for the game Redfall:

Redfall in the gameplay trailer

Here’s what Smith says about Redfall’s open world

What does environmental storytelling mean in Redfall? Smith cites environmental storytelling as an important element that the development studio integrates into Redfall. This means that the in-game environment contributes to the narrative and story.

In this way, the players get certain clues from the game world and can draw their own conclusions about what happened. Smith cites graffiti and the way a corpse is draped in the game as examples.

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How do the NPCs behave? The artificial intelligence should also act within the story and react to the player. She should be dependent on clues from the player, such as visual contact or noise, in order to search for him.

Can players go exploring alone? Redfall offers many ways to discover the game world, and discovery is an important part of gameplay.

If the player goes on a voyage of discovery alone, stealth gameplay (i.e. sneaking past opponents undetected) becomes more important. Environmental storytelling and history also come more to the fore.

On the other hand, if the player opts for group gameplay, Smith expects the gameplay to become crazier and faster-paced as well.

Here you can see the 4 playable heroes in the gameplay trailer:

New gameplay trailer introduces the 4 playable heroes from the co-op shooter Redfall and shows what they can do

How big is the open world in Redfall? The player explores an urban environment primarily on foot. About the size of the game world, Smith says:

It’s mostly very open. In the beginning it was even too open. I felt like there weren’t enough obstacles or channels, but it’s very, very open rooftops and alleyways and streets of this small town – Redfall, Massachusetts – which is kind of a fishing community, a tourist community. Quaint, historic New England stuff with that stealthy vampire takeover.

Harvey Smith via IGN

What areas are in Redfall? The world in Redfall is divided into two areas: The first half of the missions takes place in the first area. It represents downtown Redfall. The second area is more rural and contains buildings such as lighthouses or churches.

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How do the NPCs in the game fight each other? The game contains different enemies belonging to different factions, such as vampires or cultists.

There are conflicts between the different factions in the game, so they also fight each other. The player can use this strategically for himself.

Smith shared how he managed to pit different opponents against each other in Redfall:

  • Smith was walking down a street with his game character (Jacob).
  • Saw a vampire a little further ahead
  • Walks away as its resources and health are depleted
  • Encounter a group of Bellwether Security soldiers (enemies who want to gain biotechnical insights into the vampires)
  • Smith turns around again and sees cultists (opponents who support vampires) at a dead end
  • In a garage behind the cultists are two floating vampires sleeping
  • Smith (Jacob) fires in their direction and runs back to the Bellwether soldiers
  • The NPCs meet and fight, the vampires are exposed to UV light and freeze
  • Meanwhile, Smith hides and watches the others fight
  • In the end, a Bellwether sniper is left to take down a frozen vampire
  • When the sniper turns around, Smith (Jacob) finishes her off

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