Prime Day: A top SSD for PS5 from WD Black is now on sale at a lower price

Top-SSD für PC- und PS5-Spieler jetzt günstig wie nie im Angebot

PS5 storage is limited. This can be remedied by compatible SSDs such as the WD_BLACK SN850, which is available at the best price on Prime Day.

At the Amazon Prime Day 2022 you can save a lot again. With the WD_BLACK SN850 is for example a very good one SSD with built-in heatsink for the PS5 on offer. The campaign runs until July 13th.

Straight to the offer

That’s how good the Prime Day deal is

Prime members can join the Order WD_BLACK SN850 during the promotional period for a low price of €124. The SSD only just scratches the historical one lowest price from 119 euros over. Nonetheless, this is a very good price and a real bargain Prime Day.

In order to take advantage of the offer, you absolutely need one Prime Membership. If you don’t have it yet, that’s not a problem either, because you can use the service Try it out for 30 days free of charge. If you don’t cancel, the subscription will automatically renew.

Get the WD_BLACK SN850f now for only 124 euros

WD_BLACK SN850: This is what the SSD for PS5 can do

the SSD you can of course do the same at the personal computer to use. Nevertheless, it was specially designed for use in the PS5 customized. With a few simple steps you can change the memory of your console 1TB Expand and have plenty of space for your games again. What benefits an additional SSD and how the installation works, you can read here:

the WD_BLACK SN850 is particularly good for PS5because they already have one built-in heatsink brings. Otherwise you would have to order it separately and install it or the overheating risk your Playstation. So you have to SSD just connect and you can start right away. The fast reading speed from up to 7,000MB/s even exceeds the console’s requirements, so everything is lightning fast and fluid here.

Get WD_BLACK SN850f now for only 124€

Everything about Prime Day

Of the Amazon Prime Day 2022 has been running since midnight and will end tomorrow evening. We have already selected some good offers for you and will continue to keep our eyes and ears open for you. We can recommend the following actions:

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