Prime Day: Super headphone deals for games, streams & more

At Amazon Prime Day 2022 you can buy numerous great headphones from a wide variety of brands and models at particularly low prices.

Whether from Beats, Bose, Sennheiser, Sony, Beyerdynamic, JBL, Audio Technica, Jaybird, Jabra or one of the many other brands: Headphones have become an integral part of most people’s everyday lives these days. The variety of models is gigantic, the selection huge. Wired or rather wireless? And if the latter, would you rather use Bluetooth or a dongle? If the headphones are to be used on the go, for example podcast listening on the smartphone, or rather at home Gambling on the PC or the console, or even both? Should it be in-ears, over-ears, on-ears … or a completely different design, for example sunglasses with built-in headphones like the frames from Bose? Headphones serve many purposes and come with the enjoyment of music or podcasts just as for use as with Gaming, streaming series and films or video calls, for example via Zoom or Microsoft Teams.

To the Amazon Prime Day 2022the year on July 12 (Tuesday) and July 13 (Wednesday) takes place, the online retailer offers again tens of thousands of great products discounted on, partly with big discounts. Among the exciting deals there are also numerous different ones headphones of different brands and types.

Super headphone deals now on Prime Day 2022

At Amazon Prime Day 2022 you can buy numerous great headphones from a wide variety of brands and models at particularly low prices.

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The offers for the current Amazon Prime Day are valid for two days, on Tuesday (July 12) and Wednesday (July 13). On these two days you can get a number of products from online retailers at (sometimes significantly) reduced prices. In order to be able to take advantage of the bargains and deals, you need a Amazon Prime Subscription. You either get it for the price of 69 euros for a whole year, or you just subscribe one month for 7.99 euros and can then benefit from the offers on Amazon Prime Day 2022. If you save at least this 7.99 euros through deals, the subscription is already worthwhile. And you get extra other advantages, such as a number of films and series to stream on Amazon Prime Video. And of course you can too buy a wide variety of headphone models, those within the framework of Prime Day 2022 priced down at Amazon and straight very cheap are.

Buy new headphones at a bargain price on Amazon Prime Day

You can currently get Amazon Prime Day 2022 several Headphones from a wide range of brands are significantly cheaper to buy, in-ears are just as reduced as over-ears, wireless headphones for smartphones or tablets as well as wired models for PCs or laptops. Here are a few Deal Highlights:

  • Echo Buds (2nd gen.) with Alexa for 69.99 euros (119.99€) | -42% discount
  • Bose QuietComfort for 145.00 euros (184.87€) | -22% discount
  • Sony WH-1000XM4 for 229.00 euros (279.00€) | -18% discount
  • Philips Fidelio X2HR/00 for 89.99 euros (129.95€) | -31% discount
  • Sennheiser HD 450SE with Alexa for EUR 79.00 (€134.99) | -41% discount
  • Philips in-ear headphones TAT2206BK/00 for 30.49 euros (41.67€) | -27% discount
  • JBL Live 660NC for 99.99 euros (111.76€) | -11% discount
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Reduced and cheap headphones for gaming, streaming, video calling, listening to music and more can be found on Amazon Prime Day 2022.

Reduced and cheap headphones for gaming, streaming, video calling, listening to music and more can be found on Amazon Prime Day 2022.

Source: Motorola

If you have been with the Buying new headphones flirting, for example, because your current headphones are getting on in years or maybe even already show damage, then now is the time Amazon Prime Day exactly the right time for a new purchase. This is how you benefit from the parts when you buy significantly reduced prices and from one huge selection of offers.

Buy popular Amazon products heavily discounted on Prime Day

Popular Amazon products such as the are (almost) always particularly affordable on Amazon Prime Day FireTV Stick to the uncomplicated and convenient Streaming movies, series, anime, live streams and many more from all well-known providers, for example YouTube, Twitch, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Crunchyroll and Co. You can choose from three models with different focuses: the particularly affordable Fire TV Stick Lite, the standard version Fire TV Stick and the premium version Fire TV Stick 4K for particularly high-resolution and modern streaming pleasure. You can use all three models on any normal television or screen with an HDMI connection.

Of course, the Alexa devices are also particularly exciting for fans of the Smart Home, with their numerous variants featuring the well-known Alexa voice control from Amazon can be used. So there are – among other things – the Echo series devices as part of the Amazon Prime Day 2022 heavily discounted, such as the affordable and compact ones echo dot, the bigger one standard echo with more sound volume and the echo show with a great Screen for streams, video calls with family, friends, colleagues and other practical applications.

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Get cheaper deals on Prime Day

Watch this video from PCGH to learn how Amazon Prime Day offers even cheaper gets, and what you should pay attention to during the sales campaign.

Prime Day: How to get deals even cheaper than the already reduced price