Software bargains for Amazon Prime Day

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Money can not only be saved on devices and gadgets on Amazon Prime Day, but also on software. We have selected the best offers.


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Software bargains for Amazon Prime Day 2022.
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Word has gotten around that you can really save money on Amazon Prime Day. Many users think of washing machines, laptops or a new TV set. But it’s also worth taking a look at the small offers, such as the software. Many manufacturers also give hefty discounts here, sometimes over fifty percent.

The cheap offers are found in the security and multimedia areas in particular, and there are high-quality names such as Norton, Acronis, McAfee, Adobe, Corel and Pinnacle.

A few more tips for Prime Day

  • Many other providers are following Prime Day and are reducing their range or competing with special offers. Compare the prices with Saturn, Media Markt or Notebooks, for example.
  • You can find an overview of the different offer categories on our dedicated Prime Day promotions page.
  • Regardless of Prime Day, you’ll find plenty of bargains throughout the year on our Deals page.
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The best bargains of the day

In our opinion, the following offers are particularly favorable. We compared the prices on the manufacturer’s website.

Amazon has one for Prime Day overview set up over all software bargains. But beware: Prices change slightly over time so our percentages may not be entirely accurate, but the trend should be correct.

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Deals and discounts

Prime Day 2022: The best deals on gaming PCs

On Prime Day, among other things, gaming computers can also be found on Amazon among the offers. We show the best deals for the PCs below…

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Acer, Gigabyte, LG, Asus, Dell and Co.

Prime Day 2022: The best monitor deals

For Prime Day 2022, many manufacturers are offering their monitors at particularly low prices. But which screens save you the most?

Intel Rocket Lake-S 11th Gen CPU

Current CPU generation

Intel Alder Lake: Where are i9-12900K & Co. especially…

Intel’s new 12th generation processors do some things new. In which shops the i9-12900K and other CPUs are available at the cheapest price,…

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Prime Day 2022

Intel Core i9-12900KS: Top CPU at a bargain price

Intel’s CPU flagship is cheaper than ever for Prime Day 2022. The price for the Core i9-12900KS falls below 650 euros for the first time.

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Wolf Hosbach

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Back to July

The date for Prime Day 2022 has been set

Amazon has announced when Prime Day will take place this year. As before Corona, the discount bash 2022 will be held again in July.


Free games instantly

Prime Day: Amazon is giving away over 30 games

On the occasion of Prime Day, Amazon is giving away a number of games, including the Mass Effect trilogy. Some indie titles are even available now.

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Prime Day 2022: These are the best deals!

Prime Day 2022 runs on July 12th and 13th. We collect the best bargains from TV, Monitors, Soundbars, Gaming and more.

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New offers

Prime Day 2022: All Sonos speaker deals and…

Although Sonos is not directly involved in Prime Day 2022, Amazon can still come up with individual discounts on speakers, soundbars and more.