Sony wants to become the Nike of the e-sports scene and launches new InZone product line

Sony wants to become the Nike of the e-sports scene and launches new InZone product line

Sony’s goal is to be to e-sports what Nike is to professional athletes, says the company’s vice president. The manufacturer dares to take the first step with a new product line.

Sony is fighting for the still unoccupied place on the market

In an interview with Nikkei, Kazuo Kii explains how he plans to make Sony a leader in esports equipment. The start is made by them inzone-Products consisting of monitors and headsets and aimed exclusively at demanding PC gamers – even if the hardware is compatible with the PlayStation 5.

“Among the established manufacturers, there is still no dominant market leader,” says Kii. “The situation is like a landscape of warring states. This represents an opportunity for Sony.”

Sony’s experience with film and television would benefit the company here. “Many of the existing manufacturers have their origins in PC manufacturing,” says Kii. “Sony is unique in that we come from TV manufacturing. We take pride in our imaging technology. We look forward to showing consumers our immersive experience and realism.”

Kii explains where Sony ultimately wants to go with this concept: “We start at the top and learn what top esports gamers want. The vision we have in mind is that of Mizuno and Nike, which offer shoes for athletes. ”

“There’s prize money to be won in esports. If a monitor’s response time slows down even slightly, you’ve lost. Sony’s products will not let down the participants in these grueling competitions,” says Kii.

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Professional quality has its price

However, the new products are not cheap. Anyone accessing here means business. Sony’s flagship monitor, the InZone M9, costs 1,099 euros and offers 27 inches, IPS panel, 4K, HDR, 144 Hz, 1 ms and variable refresh rates. The monitor is scheduled to hit the market in August. It’s a bit cheaper because it’s the M3, which offers Full HD at 240 Hz. That screen is slated to come a little later this year.

The headsets in the series cost between 99 and 299 euros. The premium representative H9 offers noise cancellation, 360° surround sound and 32 hours of battery life. For $229 you get the H7 with a slightly longer battery life. The cheap H3 is wired.

So Sony dares not only in the field of video games on the PC, but also in the hardware area. Let’s see how the new peripherals from Sony do.