Ultrasonic toothbrushes reduced: big discounts on Prime Day

Ultrasonic toothbrushes reduced: big discounts on Prime Day (2)

Has your dentist told you that an electric toothbrush with ultrasound would be good for your teeth? If you then look at the prices, some people would probably prefer to go back to the good old manual toothbrush. If you’ve been waiting to get hold of a good electric toothbrush, preferably one with ultrasound, at a lower price, you should take a look at the Prime Day offers – maybe your decision will be easier then!

Amazon Prime Day 2022: Exclusively for Prime members

As the name suggests, Amazon Prime Day refers to Amazon Prime. That means the bargain event is reserved for those who are Prime members. In order to enjoy the deals, you don’t have to be there for years – it’s enough if you quickly get your membership now. Anyone who has never been there can easily watch Amazon Prime Day 2022 with the 30-day free period, and those who have already used it can simply register for July (7.99 euros/month, reduced/for Students 3.99 euros/month) register with Amazon Prime.

Ultrasonic toothbrushes reduced: big discounts on Prime Day (2)

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Electric toothbrushes: radically reduced for Prime Day

You may be wondering why you should spend between 50 and several 100 euros on a toothbrush – after all, the good old toothbrush for 2.49 euros will do the trick. In fact, modern electric toothbrushes, especially ultrasonic ones, have some really good benefits that make them worth the price. On the one hand, almost all electric toothbrushes now come with a pressure sensor that warns the user if they are scrubbing too wildly – this protects the tooth enamel and ensures healthier and less vulnerable teeth in the long term. The ultrasound, on the other hand, tops that a bit, because it removes the plaque that would otherwise slip through your fingers. But what is even nicer: The ultrasound also combats discolouration – without attacking the tooth enamel (which unfortunately is often the case with the whitening sets). In addition to all this, there are convenience functions such as a cleaning timer and, for some, even an app. For Prime Day 2022 there will be electric toothbrushes in a wide variety of price ranges:

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