Vacuum robot super cheap: up to 58% discount on Roborock, Ecovacs, iRobot and much more

Vacuum robot super cheap: up to 58% discount on Roborock, Ecovacs, iRobot and much more (2)

Will Amazon Prime Day would like to use to get a vacuum robot, which can look forward to a wide selection in different price ranges. Today and tomorrow, July 13th, there are discounts of up to XX percent on vacuum robots of all kinds: with and without a wiping function, with and without a suction station and with different technologies. In any case, they all have one thing in common: They relieve their user of a whole lot of housework. We have put together the best offers on robot vacuum cleaners for you.

Amazon Prime Day 2022: How can I be there?

As the name suggests, Amazon Prime Day refers to Amazon Prime. That means the bargain event is reserved for those who are Prime members. In order to enjoy the deals, you don’t have to be there for years – it’s enough if you quickly get your membership now. Anyone who has never been there can easily watch Amazon Prime Day 2022 with the 30-day free period, and those who have already used it can simply register for July (7.99 euros/month, reduced/for Students 3.99 euros/month) register with Amazon Prime.

Amazon Prime Day: Vacuum robots up to 58 percent cheaper

The cat leaves hair everywhere, the dog crumbles with the treats, children distribute sand, earth, grass and biscuit crumbs, pollen comes in from outside – no matter who or what is in the apartment, all kinds of dust and dirt collect every day. The corners, which can only be cleaned with the effort of yoga-like contortions, such as under the couch or bed, are particularly beautiful. If the constant vacuuming and maybe also wiping is too stupid for you, you have an enormous selection of vacuum robots that do all the cleaning for you. There are very simple models that only vacuum, in a price range of less than 100 euros – the first models with a wiping function just slightly above.

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You don’t have to spend huge sums of money for a little relief or comfort in everyday life. Inexpensive vacuum robots usually have a slightly lower suction power, less dust container volume and/or do not use any sophisticated orientation, but zigzag through the apartment – by the way, they still clean. The more money you put into your hands, the more precise the cleaning process becomes thanks to ultrasound and spatial cartography, the robot can be integrated into the smart home, there is a suction station and much more. Of course, the vacuum robots from are particularly well-known, popular and of high quality roborock. Here are a few selected offers for Prime Day:

You can find other vacuum robots from 98.49 euros at Severin, Rowenta and Ariete as well as models from 155.99 euros at Eufy.

Tested by us: Yeedi vacuum robot for Prime Day

Only recently we were able to Yeedi Vac Max undergo a thorough test. Yeedi’s vacuum robots belong to the solid upper middle class in terms of price and deliver decent suction and wiping performance. Yeedi regularly issues discount coupons on Amazon and some of the vacuum robots are also significantly cheaper on Prime Day:
Yeedi Vac Max for 233.99 euros
Yeedi k701 G for 156.69 euros + 12 euros coupon
Yeedi Vac Hybrid for 204.74 euros
Yeedi Mop Station for 529.99 euros + 33 euros coupon

Vacuum robot super cheap: up to 58% discount on Roborock, Ecovacs, iRobot and much more (2)

Source: Roborock

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