With a gadget for 20 euros you can significantly improve your everyday life at your desk

With a gadget for 20 euros you can significantly improve your everyday life at your desk

Are you looking for a small upgrade for gaming or the office and don’t want to spend more than 20 euros? We have a recommendation for you that you can buy on Prime Day.

If you have to sit at your desk a lot, you can try to make everyday life easier with various tools. For example, one person from the editorial office bought a seat cushion for 40 euros, which made everyday life easier for him in the home office.

But there are other options, such as a vertical mouse. With it you make your everyday life easier in the long term and prevent possible pain. MeinMMO introduces you to the vertical mouse and also gives you a few recommendations, suitable for Prime Day.

This article does not replace a personal consultation with a doctor. If you have health problems from sitting or working, then contact your trusted doctor. Extensive health tips can be found at the Federal Ministry of Health (via bundesgesundheitsministerium.de) or in a conversation with your personal family doctor.

You can also find important health tips from experts in the Plus report on health at GameStar.

With a vertical mouse you relieve your arm and hand

What is a vertical mouse? A vertical mouse is a mouse for your PC on which the keys are arranged in a vertical plane and are therefore much steeper than on a normal mouse. You then grab the mouse as if you were shaking someone’s hand. This is called a handshake or handshake grip.

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What are the advantages? With a normal gaming or office mouse, you have to twist your arm to get a good grip on the mouse. If you do this permanently, you risk arm and elbow problems. This is known as tennis elbow.

If you use a vertical mouse, you don’t have to rotate your arm and hand. Instead, your hand rests in a natural position on the mouse. In this way you relieve your arm.

Most vertical mice offer you additional buttons in the thumb area and sometimes even RGB lighting. There are both wireless and wired variants.

What are the disadvantages? No major gaming manufacturers like Razer, Roccat or Corsair have vertical gaming mice in their portfolio. With many vertical mice, you have to do without extensive software and current top sensors. The mice are therefore only suitable to a limited extent if you want to gamble with them competitively.

A small disadvantage is also the first time with such a mouse. Because the new posture of a vertical mouse takes some getting used to. At least in the beginning you should be busy getting used to a vertical mouse.

Recommended vertical mice for Prime Day

Which mice are recommended? The first recommendation is the vertical mouse from Anker. This costs just under 20 euros and works via radio connection. It is simple and does not offer any special lighting, but is a real asset for everyday life. You can find a few impressions of the vertical mouse from Anker on MeinMMO.

*Affiliate links. We receive a small commission from Amazon if you make a purchase. Thanks for your support!

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The second recommendation is the Trust Verto. Thanks to Prime Day, you can also get them for less than 20 euros for 17.49. This mouse is also wireless and works via radio. The mouse lies comfortably in the hand and the workmanship is successful. The only disadvantage: With very small hands you cannot reach the two buttons on the thumb side.

*Affiliate links. We receive a small commission from Amazon if you make a purchase. Thanks for your support!

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