WoW-Fun: How absurd is questing as a death knight? (Video)

WoW: Forsaken Druids - Fan designed Zombie Owls and Mushroom Treant

from Matthias Brueckle
Not every side quest suits every character. This is especially the case in WoW, because in the Blizzard MMORPG we get to play an incredibly powerful and tragic class as death knights. How should it actually work if such a hero completes an innocent side quest? A funny video will show you!

MMORPGs like WoW often follow a certain pattern: While we like to kill bombastic monsters in side quests at the end of an adventure, close dimensional rifts, train fighter troops or uncover ancient atrocities from lost realms … the most innocent little quests for newcomers await us at the beginning. We’re allowed to find missing pets there. Repair a cart. Scare bandits from a farm. Or even gather ingredients for lunch! This is sometimes in stark contrast to our adventurer.