Amazon Prime Day: Top or Flop? Analysis of graphics cards, CPUs, SSDs, monitors and RAM

Prime Day: RTX 3080, Alexa &  QLED TV in Amazon weekend deals at bargain prices

Hop or top? How have you found Amazon Prime Day 2022 so far? PCGH has tried to accompany the supposed bargain flood with a variety of guides. There’s still time to cherry-pick until tonight, but the conclusions from a PC gamer’s perspective can already be drawn.

Prime Day 2022: the conclusion on the second day

There are some key PC categories that were just disappointing at Amazon Prime Day 2022 – period! Maybe it was a bit naïve to hope for good graphics card deals on Prime Day, but apparently the warehouses are still quite full and the generation change is announced. And AMD had even raised hopes for good prices for the Radeon RX 6000 in a press release, which then didn’t happen. What remains are a few lukewarm RTX 30 deals – that’s very little and should hardly have satisfied gamers’ expectations. The situation for processors in Prime Day was hardly any better. It was certainly not completely unrealistic for AMD and Intel to take the opportunity to sell a few gaming CPUs. There were also a few good offers, but the whole thing didn’t rock either.

The current best deals on Prime Day 2022
• Echo Dot (4th generation): For 19.99 instead of 59.99 euros
• Fire TV Stick 4K: For 22.99 instead of 59.99 euros
• Samsung 980 PRO 1 TB Heatsink PCIe 4.0: For 113.99 euros instead of 127 euros
• PS5 Dualsense Wireless Controller: For 49.97 euros instead of 55.90 euros
• Microsoft 365 Family 6 users: For 46.99 euros instead of 67.22

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A good counterexample was certainly the Prime Day offers for SSDs. Even if Amazon is traditionally strong here, Samsung, WD and Crucial had great offers that many PCGH readers also took advantage of. When it came to gaming monitors on Prime Day, the situation was split: While things looked really bad in the UHD area with more than 60 Hz, there were still good deals for fast Full HD and WQHD monitors on Day 2. The Prime Day situation for mainboards looked much more sluggish. Only Asus took the chance to offer some boards with B550, X570 and Z690. Otherwise there were hardly any meaningful offers. There were at least a few offers from Crucial and PNY in the Prime Day RAM offers, other brands were not at the start. Otherwise Amazon had significantly more RAM manufacturers at the start of sales campaigns.

Amazon Prime Day: 99.9% of all deals are “junk” – these are the 0.1% top sellers

Otherwise, PCGH tested, among other things, housing on Prime Day, power supplies and gaming headsets, all classics for Amazon offers. And especially with the headsets, there were really a lot of good deals from Roccat, Razer, Steelseries and Co. – and even an insider tip. However, according to our analyses, one headset in particular sold well: the Jabra Evolve2 65 wireless PC headset with noise canceling (156.86 euros instead of 248.71).