Bayonetta 3: The witch only drops her covers if you want it too

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You know from previous games that the main character Bayonetta likes to be revealing and in certain situations to drop her clothes, and don’t worry: that won’t change if you don’t want it to. However, according to PlatinumGames, the optional “Naive Angel Mode” ensures that the witch in Bayonetta 3 always keeps her clothes on.

In a tweet, PlatinumGames has the attitude presented and explained: “So that even more people can enjoy it, Bayonetta 3 will be equipped with an epochal ‘Naive Angel Mode'” it says. The company comments with a wink: “If you turn it on, you can play right in the living room without having to worry about what’s on the screen… we think”.

You could just say, well, there are two modes, each person can play how they want, and that’s off the table. However, there are already heated discussions about this from many different sides.

Some – probably those who wouldn’t use the mode anyway – celebrate, for example, the ironic name of the setting “Naive Angel Mode”, although on the other hand it’s also a bit strange to include such a possibility, but to laugh at the name already, that they use.

The others discuss the “family friendliness” of the mod, because even without nudity, Bayonetta is anything but child-friendly. The fact that this mode is well suited for the living room was probably more of a joke by the developers – or a comment on the sensitive reaction to nudity in some parental homes?

This interim solution is also not very promising for the front, which criticizes a sexualization of the character of Bayonetta, because the scantily clad depiction of the witch still exists in the standard game. Some fans of the original Bayonetta, on the other hand, complain about censorship on Twitter – despite the purely optional setting – although nothing should change for them in the game.

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Ultimately, the question remains whether the mode makes sense or whether it could have been a prank by PlatinumGames. After all, most Bayonetta fans liked the original games and will probably not take the option. However, those who are critical of the portrayal of Bayonetta or even concerned parents will probably not get the new game anyway.

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Whoever uses it then and how it’s received, the possibility of anti-nude mode seems to be there at least when the game launches on October 28 exclusively for the Switch.