Early version of Skate 4 is circulating on the internet, but you’d better not play it

Early version of Skate 4 is circulating on the internet, but you'd better not play it

Yes, there is an early leaked version of Skate 4 circulating the internet right now. Developer Full Circle has now confirmed this and at the same time advises players not to download the version.

Patience is required

in one blog post, which mentions the early version of Skate, the development studio reveals that this is actually a leaked version of the game that was “never intended for external use”. According to Full Circle, it’s a September 2021 build, so it’s not an official demo or any other kind of trial.

“While we understand your excitement for the game, we encourage you to exercise caution when downloading files from unknown sources (and remind yourself of the potential consequences of violating EA’s Terms of Service),” Full Circle writes.

More on Skate 4:

Instead, the studio is proposing an alternative that will allow fans to legally test Skate ahead of release: “The best way to get a chance to play is to sign up for Skate Insider Playtesting here, as we’re in We’ll be inviting more and more players into the game as the year progresses.”


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