KB5015814: This is what the Windows 11 patch will bring in July

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Microsoft Windows 11 users can expect Patch Day every second Tuesday of the month, when a new update is supposed to provide various bug fixes. You can find out which problems are fixed with KB5015814 in the following overview.


Patch KB5015814: All new features in Windows 11 can be found here.
The new search highlights should highlight interesting daily events and other features.
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The Windows Patchday in July has begun: Windows 11 computers will gradually receive either via the Windows update function or manual download via the Microsoft Update Catalog the patch KB5015814, which upgrades Windows 11 to the new build version 22000.795.

As always, patch KB5015814 for Windows 11 closes security-critical gaps and packs further improvements into the operating system, which Microsoft specifies in more detail in its patch notes. Among other things, the new “Search Highlight” feature will be implemented. This is to highlight each day’s special events that took place on that anniversary.

In addition, a bug has been fixed that made it impossible for users with the right configuration to upgrade their computer to Windows 11. This was due to the timing of certain OS processes. In addition, problems with playing audio and video clips have been corrected, and Bluetooth devices should also be able to be paired more reliably with audio devices.

In total, over 20 vulnerabilities have been closed, such as Microsoft in the Security Update Guide collects. In places, or possibly, the same fixes can also be found as in the current July update for Windows 10.

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On Windows PCs you can check here in the registry whether your computer is ready for the 22H2 update of Windows 11.

Upcoming update

Windows 11 22H2: Registry reveals whether your computer is compatible…

The 22H2 update for Windows 11 is due in the coming months. You can now check your system for dedicated compatibility in the registry.

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