Mega jackpot of 104 million euros: Sporty to win

Mega jackpot of 104 million euros: Sporty to win

A mega jackpot of around 104 million euros awaits all players on Friday. How fast can you clear the jackpot? Sporting comparisons.

The fact that the Eurojackpot was able to rise above the magic threshold of 100 million is now the case for the second time. In May, an Internet tip from North Rhine-Westphalia made a profit of over 110 million euros.

How long does it take to hit the jackpot? Three non-serious comparisons from the world of sports:

  • With the current summer temperatures, swimming is a good idea to cool off. Australia’s Kyle Chalmers (44.84 seconds) and Sweden’s Sarah Sjöstrom (51.71 seconds) hold the record for the 100-meter freestyle.
  • If you think you’re even faster when typing: The world records in the 100-meter sprint are currently held by the American Florence Griffith-Joyner (10.49 seconds) and the Jamaican Usain Bolt (9.58 seconds).
  • These times are still undercut in speed skating: Jenny Wolf from Berlin needed 10.21 seconds over 100 meters. The Japanese Yuya Oikawa only 9.4 seconds.

Quicktip helps with number selection

It doesn’t take much longer to take part in the Eurojackpot lottery with a quick tip at a lottery acceptance point. The game predictions are created by random generator and the game receipt is printed out. A quick tip can also be played on the Internet at with the state lottery companies.

If you have a little more time and leisure, you can of course still fill out a game slip by hand or rely on a system bet. The game formula for millions of luck is 5 out of 50 and 2 out of 12. The chance of winning first place is 1:140 million.

14th draw

The 14th drawing of the current jackpot period will take place next Friday, July 15th. A good omen? With the record win of 110 million euros on May 20, it was also the 14th draw in which the jackpot was cracked.

The last prize in the first tier was cleared on May 27th. At that time, around 16.8 million euros went to Bavaria.

Chance of the jackpot

Many Eurojackpot tipsters are already eagerly awaiting the upcoming draw on July 15th. Participation in the game is possible until Friday evening, 7 p.m. in the WestLotto acceptance points and on the Internet at possible. The acceptance deadline may vary depending on the federal state.

Participation from 18 years. Gambling can be addictive! Help and advice under BZgA: 0800 1372700 (free of charge). State-licensed gaming provider (white list according to Section 9 (8) GlüStV). Jackpot chance 1: 140 million

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