More NFTs: Dead or Alive creators unveil new studio

More NFTs: Dead or Alive creators unveil new studio

Tomonobu Itagaki, the creative mind behind Dead or Alive, introduces his new studio. This focuses heavily on the development of NFT games. His Apex Game Studios are currently working on the title Warrior, which will also contain NFTs.

Thin ice that Apex Game Studios is walking on

Last year, Itagaki announced that he would return to game development with a new studio. With Apex Game Studios he wants to create “high quality and compelling 3A Web3.0 games” and is also interested in the Metaverse. The studio currently consists of 100 employees, mainly based in Japan and Singapore.

The studio’s first project is called Warrior – an NFT game for PC and mobile that is about to “make its first decentralized exchange offering (IDO) and release the first alpha version,” according to one press release of the studio. Warrior is being developed using the Unreal Engine and “a number of giveaway events” are already underway in the communities.

It is particularly important to Itagaki that an NFT game must have a very specific property in order to be successful. It has to be a real game that’s fun regardless of the Web 3.0 elements. A first beta version for Warrior is planned for the first quarter of 2023. On the official website read more about the developer’s first NFT game.

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“Itagaki believes it is important to embrace the changes and embrace the new challenges that blockchain technology brings,” Apex Game Studios’ press release continued. In general, NFTs are still rather unpopular in the gaming scene.